Samsung Reportedly Removing Physical Buttons on Samsung Galaxy S8

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Galaxy S8

The Galaxy S8 rumors continue to surface as Samsung?s next flagship smartphone is getting closer to its release. The Galaxy S8 is said to feature some amazing features as Samsung is hoping to bounce back from the whole Galaxy Note 7 fiasco. One of the most recent Galaxy S8 rumors reveals that Samsung could be removing the physical buttons from the Galaxy S8. This is surely something which will make fans extremely happy.

There have been talks that the upcoming flagship smartphones will completely ditch the physical home button. Apple?s iPhone 8 which is set to launch next year is said to do this. Now, it appears that Samsung is following suit as the Galaxy S8 could do away with its physical buttons as well.

No Physical Buttons for the Galaxy S8

Galaxy S8

According to a recent report from GSM Arena, Samsung is reportedly planning on getting rid of the physical buttons for the Galaxy S8. In its place, the report mentioned that Samsung may opt to use soft keys with functionality similar to the iPhone 7?s 3D Touch technology.

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The physical home button has always received a lot of flak from tech fans. It takes up a lot of space on the phone and limits its design.

With the rumored move by Samsung to ditch the physical buttons, it may lend truth to another Galaxy S8 rumor. There were earlier reports that the front of the Galaxy S8 could be composed of a full screen with very thin bezels.

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Samsung Galaxy S8 vs. Apple iPhone 8

This could certainly make the Galaxy S8 have an amazing appearance if the rumor is indeed going to be true. It could, likewise, make the upcoming smartphone up to par with its expected rival, Apple?s iPhone 8.

This is still just a rumor at the moment so everyone should take this with a grain of salt. Expect Samsung to make an official announcement about the Galaxy S8 in the coming months.

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