Samsung Galaxy S8, Note 8 Specs & Features Update: New Screen Displays To Land On Smartphones

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Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung is known for its bold and outlandish statements when it comes to its flagship phones. While Apple is still contemplating on what size of screen to use on the iPhone, Samsung is already using a curved display. The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge was the first phone to be released with a curved edge. After that, it has become a common feature on the succeeding Galaxy phones that Samsung released. Now, new rumors arise regarding the upcoming Samsung Galaxy phones for next year. According to the said rumors, the Note 8 might feature a flexible screen while the Galaxy S8 a dual curved edge version.

For a while now, Samsung has been on the news about its up and coming phone models. For the Galaxy S8, it has been reported many times that it will have a screen that will wow the crowd. Meanwhile, the Note 8 is reported to have a flexible AMOLED display on its release.

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Having a curved screen is not really new for Samsung. As mentioned earlier, it was one of the first few companies who adopted the curved AMOLED display technology for years. In fact, the discontinued Galaxy Note 7 also has a curved edge like the previous iteration. Now, it looks like the curved edge design will be the mainstream S8 feature, according to reports. It would seem that Samsung is finally ditching the flat screen once and for all.

Sansung Galaxy S7 Edge

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Samsung may think this as revolutionary but to expert market analysts, this is a very risky move. Samsung seems really desperate to gain the attention of the loyal customers it lost during the Note 7 fiasco. If one may think this is crazy, then the rumors on the Note 8 would put things into perspective.

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For the past few years, display technology has made leaps and bounds in terms of functionality and features. Nowadays, displays can also be flexible as well as thin and light. Because of this, many speculations arise that the Note 8 would feature a flexible AMOLED display. Not to say that the phone itself will be bendable, but there are some hints that it will be foldable. The screen may span the entire length of the device but it can be folded in half.

Whether these rumors hold any grain of truth or not, only Samsung can shed light into this matter. Right now, fans of the brand are still waiting for updates on the upcoming Galaxy S8. Rumor has it that it will be unveiled sometime in March 2017 while others say it will be in April. Nevertheless, consumers can expect to be wowed by Samsung on the released of its new flagship phone.

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