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Samsung galaxy s8

The smartphone fans are eagerly waiting for the arrival of the Samsung Galaxy S8. This smartphone is set to launch in 2017. The rumors about the leaked features and specs are adding a sense of excitement amongst the consumers.

Recently, the company discovered the Bixby AI assistant. This provided a hint that the company is planning to launch the AI assistant on its flagship devices. It is possible that the Samsung Galaxy S8 is having this latest feature. The company is also promoting its latest Bixby AI assistant.

Bixby the new Samsung Galaxy S8 feature?

As the demands of AI assistant increases, so does the supply from the tech companies. Siri and Google’s smart AI are rocking the consumers of the mobile market. And now Samsung jumps in with its latest Bixby AI assistant.

It is possible that the company can embed its latest AI assistant in its upcoming devices including Samsung Galaxy S8. Besides, the company is planning to implement its AI assistant in all first part applications including Samsung’s TV, Samsung smartphone, Samsung web browser, and Samsung watches. The company even uploaded a picture detailing three options on how to pay for goods, as stated by Forbes.

samsung galaxy s8

Samsung Galaxy S8- Features and Specs

The South Korean company is planning to launch Samsung Galaxy S8 in late March. And the device will be available in consumers market in April. Furthermore, the company is planning to ship more than 60 million of handsets in order to cope up with the loss due to Note 7.

It makes sense that the company will ship the upcoming handsets with this feature. Along with this AI feature, the fans are also expecting wireless charging and many other innovative features of Samsung Galaxy S8. The latest reports even revealed that the company is going to debut the flagship device at MWC in February.

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