Samsung Galaxy S8 Release Date & Specs: Comes Out Right After MWC 2017, Set To Be More Expensive Than Galaxy S7

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Samsung Galaxy S8

Many would know by now that Samsung is about to release a new smartphone some time in the second quarter of 2017. Most rumors point to a Mobile World Congress 2017 unveiling, which is between the last week of February and first week of March. However, recent news suggest that the Samsung Galaxy S8 release date may be as early as April 2017.

According to Goldman Sachs, Samsung will release its new Galaxy S8 in the early days of April 2017. The only caveat being, the new phone will be considerably more expensive than its predecessor.

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According to the same source, recent price increase in electronic parts will drive up the cost of the Galaxy S8. As per Goldman Sachs? estimate, spare parts will incur a price hike of about 15 to 20 percent. Consequently, this may push the price of the upcoming phone by 20 percent or more.

Samsung Galaxy S7

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The price increase will be mainly due increasing demands on NAND and DRAM memories. Unfortunately, although demand is pretty high, the supply cannot keep up with it. As the law of supply and demand goes, this will push up the price on these items.

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Another thing that will contribute to the price increase will be the new display type to be used on the phone. Rumor has it that Samsung will try to beat Apple in introducing an all-display phone. Therefore, many speculate that the company will ditch the home button as well as the screen bezel. Most experts believe that the Galaxy S8 will sport a curved edge-to-edge display akin to the Galaxy S7. Only this time, the bezel will be almost non-existent on the new phone.

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Based on the summary presented by Goldman Sachs, the price of the Galaxy S8 could be pushed to around $950. It is still uncertain whether Samsung will absorb some of the production costs or not. However, if the company decides to push the price up, consumers can expect to pay a hefty price. In hindsight, if Samsung decides to retain the price of the Galaxy S8, it may attract more consumers in the end.

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