Samsung Galaxy S8 Leak, Rumors: Smartphone To Allegedly Pack LG Battery For Safety After Note 7 Recall

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A Samsung Galaxy S8 leak has sparked rumors of the company?s partnership with another Korean tech giant. According to reports, the Suwon-based firm will be using LG batteries following the controversial recall of their Note 7 units earlier this year.

A lot of people were excited when the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was released months ago. The phablet was hyped for its sleek design and numerous features.

However, the good reviews were short-lived. Reports of the device?s exploding battery began circulating fast. This ultimately forced Samsung to recall all units worldwide. Several lawsuits pertaining to the said manufacturing defect followed, too.

LG battery seen in Samsung Galaxy S8 leak? ?

Now, a report from The Investor has revealed Samsung?s rumored next steps.


Alleged insiders claimed that the electronics manufacturer will commission batteries made by LG Electronics. The batteries on Samsung devices have long been provided by their China-based supplier, SDI and ATL. However, the exploding batteries controversy has raised the need to diversify their supply chain.

The new batteries to be produced by LG will reportedly take around six months to design. Sources added that while the deal is not yet signed, it is very likely to push through.

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Samsung Galaxy S8 specs

Aside from rumors about Samsung Galaxy S8?s battery, Phone Arena also recently detailed its alleged specs. The smartphone will supposedly have 8GB of RAM. This is contrary to the initial reports that it will only have 6GB of RAM and 256GB internal storage.

It will also allegedly have a UFS 2.1 flash storage chip and two rear cameras.

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Note 8 cancelled?

What has gotten the rumor mill abuzz is the smartphone?s rumored size. While the standard will measure 5-inches, the Galaxy S8 Plus model will allegedly have a 6-inch display.

If this is true, then it will be the same size as a Note device. This has fuelled suspicions that the phablet line could be phased out this 2017. Speculations are also rife since the line has been perceived negatively by consumers due to its exploding battery issue.

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