Samsung Galaxy S8 Rumors: Next Samsung Flagship to Feature Snapdragon 835

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The rumor mill for the Samsung Galaxy S8 has been rolling all over the internet for quite some time now. Ever since Samsung?s major failure to deliver on the Galaxy Note 7, more people have looked at the S8 as Samsung?s saviour. To fans of the brand, the Galaxy S8 will be Samsung?s way of redeeming its name.

For the last three months, Samsung has been busy repairing the damage that the Galaxy Note 7 has caused. Now rumor has it that in an effort to revive interest, Samsung is working with Qualcomm on the Snapdragon 835.

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Qualcomm and Samsung has finally confirmed that they are working together to manufacture the future Snapdragon 835 mobile processor. This new processor will be fabricated with Samsung?s very own 10nm FinFET technology.

According to papers, the new processor will perform 27 percent better than its predecessor. Apart from increased performance, the 835 will be 30 percent smaller in footprint than the 821. The reduced footprint will also enable the processor to reduce its power consumption by 40 percent.

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Reports suggest that production of the chip has already started last October. Could this mean that the new processor will make its way into the rumored Galaxy S8? Will the processors make it in time for the production of the new phone?

At first, experts believed that the next Samsung flagship will carry the Snapdragon 830 chip. However, Qualcomm and Samsung has been mum about the development of the chip. Now that the two companies confirmed that they have started the 835, many now believe that Samsung will use it on the S8 instead.

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If the timing is right, there is a chance that Samsung might indeed switch to the 835 for the Galaxy S8. Samsung can actually take this opportunity to redeem itself and appease its fan base with a much better phone performance. Consumers could be looking into a top-notch mobile device come next year?s Galaxy S8 unveiling.

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