Samsung Galaxy S8 Features May Include Apple Airpods-Like Wireless Earbuds IconX

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Samsung Galaxy S8
Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy S8 hopes to?lure more consumers with its new wireless earphones. The wireless earphones offer functionality and flexibility to its flagship smartphone. The company is doing everything it can to move on from the Note 7 fiasco.

Galaxy Note 7 Investigation Results

This month, the company is expected to announce the results of the investigation pertaining to the cause of the Galaxy Note 7 smartphones catching fire, per the JoongAng Ilbo newspaper. Samsung warns there may be a $5.1 billion hit to its operating profit following its decision to pull out the Galaxy Note 7 permanently from the market.

The tech giant pulled the plug on Note 7 on October 11, 2016. Majority of the Note 7 devices are returned or replaced. Samsung is planning to disable remotely the ones that are still out in the open. It has clearly moved on, and Galaxy 8 is a vital recourse for the company per India Today.

Meanwhile, the Galaxy S8 is going to adapt a wireless connection to its earbuds. The Bluetooth earbuds reportedly have the design and functionality similar to the Apple AirPods, per

The S8 is not having the traditional headphone jack similar to Apple?s iPhone 7. Previously, Samsung also ventured into wireless earbuds like the Gear IconX for the health and fitness conscious target market. It has a built-in 4GB music player for hassle-free listening and fitness monitor, according to the Boy Genius Report.

Potential Patent Issue

The speculated Samsung Galaxy S8 wireless device may not be having the same features as those of Gear IconX. Instead, it will be more similar to the Apple AirPods, thus, raising some possible patent issues.

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Samsung Electronics Co. and Apple are not new to patent lawsuits. They’ve dealt with their own share of patent problems with the release of their tablets and smartphones. However, consumers will have to wait until April to find out if these fears are mostly unfounded. Until then, stand by for more details.

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