Samsung Galaxy 8 Facial Recognition Feature Can be Used for Secure Payments

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Samsung Galaxy S8 facial recognition feature to be used with Samsung Pay

When Samsung first introduced the iris scanning feature on the Galaxy Note 7, its sole purpose was to unlock the phone. There have been many reports that in addition to the said feature, the Galaxy S8 will also include facial recognition. However, instead of limiting its functionality with unlocking the phone, reports suggest that it will also be used to make secure payments.

According to Bloomberg, Samsung is already working to integrate the facial recognition feature of the Galaxy S8 to make secure payments. The report also mentioned that the phone maker is already working with banks to provide facial recognition-based payments via its payment app, the Samsung Pay. While the payments through facial recognition verification will not come right away, it looks like Samsung wants to implement it within the next couple of months.

As mentioned, the Galaxy Note 7’s iris recognition is only limited to unlocking the phone. The technology has not been used on any mobile payment applications before. At the moment, the most popular mode of authentication is with fingerprint scanning. Apple pay uses this technology with the Touch ID feature.

Samsung Galaxy S8 facial recognition feature to be used with Samsung Pay

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It seems like Samsung is really serious about the facial recognition feature of the Galaxy S8. A few months back, it was reported that the upcoming iPhone 8 will feature 3D facial recognition. A few days after the news broke out, reports about the Galaxy S8 also including facial recognition came out. From the looks of it, Samsung is still hell bent on showing the world it can compete with Apple. The two companies have been rivals for many years.

Unfortunately, like any rumours, this too should be taken with a grain of salt. There is no way to verify the validity of this report as Samsung refrained to comment on the said matter. However, the Galaxy S8 will officially unveil before the end of March. Until then, consumers can reserve judgement whether the facial recognition feature is nothing but a fluke. For more updates on the Galaxy S8, be sure to check us out at TheBitbag.

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