Samsung Galaxy S8 Facial Recognition Put to Test; Can be Unlocked with a Photo

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Samsung Galaxy S8 facial recognition fail

Biometrics is becoming more and more important in today’s electronic gadgets. Most people are just too lazy to think of complex passwords to protect their devices. This is why many device makers are thinking of many ways to make electronic gadgets safer than ever. For some, fingerprint scanning is sufficient enough to achieve a certain level of security while others choose retina or iris scanning. Unfortunately, both are not entirely fool-proof and can be hacked or cracked rather easily. The same goes for facial recognition. In fact, the new Samsung Galaxy S8 just demonstrated how unsafe this technology is.

A YouTube video surfaced online featuring the Galaxy S8’s facial recognition feature. In the said video, the user can be seen unlocking the said phone with the use on an image from another device. As soon as the users put the image in front of the Galaxy S8, the phone was immediately unlocked.

This, in fact, is not surprising at all. This is mainly because the facial recognition feature of the Galaxy S8 cannot  detect depth. Therefore, the feature can be bypassed with a simple photograph which, to say the least, is an inherent weakness of the technology.

Fortunately, according to ArsTechnica, while the Galaxy S8 includes multiple biometric security features, the facial recognition part can only be used to unlock the phone. It, fortunately, cannot be used to validate online payments like the Samsung Pay. It can also not be used for the phone’s Secure Folder. For these, users still have the fingerprint and iris scanning as well as standard password or pattern input.

Facial recognition, especially 2D, is not a very robust form of security. This is not the first time that a mobile device has used this feature. In fact, many phones from the early 2000’s also featured the same hardware. However, due to their inherent flaw, it was dropped right away.

On the other hand, the iPhone 8’s rumored 3D facial recognition is said to be a step ahead of this flaw. By being able to detect depth, the security feature will be able to differentiate a photo from an actual person. For more updates on the Samsung Galaxy S8, be sure to check us out at TheBitbag.

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