Samsung Galaxy S8 Specs: Galaxy S8 Will Come With Dual Camera Setup

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Samsung Galaxy S8

The dual camera setup on mobile devices is still very new. However, this did not stop phone makers from using the technology to improve the imaging performance of their products. In fact, the latest addition to smartphone sporting the same camera system is Apple?s iPhone 7 Plus. Now, it would seem that Samsung is following the same line of thinking by adding a second rear camera to the Galaxy S8.

Many would know by now that the Samsung Galaxy S8 will be sporting a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chip. Either that or a modified Samsung version of the processor will be used on the Galaxy S8. Nevertheless, for units that would have the Snapdragon 835 will have an extra functionality at hand.

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Qualcomm?s Clear Sight technology is an image processing solution built into high-end Snapdragon processors. It was first introduced with the Snapdragon 820 and 821. The Clear Sight imaging process takes two different camera sensors taking images at the same time. These two images are then amalgamated and processed to improve focusing, clarity, and contrast. As a result, the images come out clearer, sharper, and with better low light quality.

The Qualcomm Clear Sight technology is also built into the upcoming Snapdragon 835. That being said, having the functionality may introduce new features for the rumored Samsung Galaxy S8.

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In fact, a recent Twitter post from Qualcomm further hints the Clear Sight technology on the Snapdragon 835. In the said tweet, Qualcomm will be introducing the new chip during next year?s CES in Las Vegas. The post also make further references to the idea that the Snapdragon 835 will be best used in mobile photography.

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Of course, the Samsung Galaxy S8 sporting two rear cameras is a mere speculation. However, there are basis of facts from this rumor. Many are quite aware that Samsung has always been Apple?s main rival when it comes to smartphones. Now that Apple has embraced the dual camera setup, there is a high probability that Samsung will follow suit.

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