Samsung Might Be Saving The Dual-Camera Setup For Another Galaxy S8 Model

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Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung just recently unveiled this year’s flagship devices, the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. There’s no denying that the handsets have finally out-designed all of its rivals, including the iPhone. However, the Korean tech giant’s new smartphones were lacking at least in one department: the camera.

Pre-launch speculations were rife that the handsets would adapt a dual camera system. Apple integrated it on the iPhone 7 Plus and so did LG on its G6 flagship. It only makes sense for the company to do the same. As initial reviews say, that would’ve made Samsung’s flagship a total iPhone killer.

While the company settled on a traditional, single camera for the Galaxy S8, a new set of images of the unit with a dual camera system surfaced online. As previously reported, those are believed to be early prototypes of the handset. This sort of early testing is common among smartphone manufacturers, but seeing one developed to this level of finality is rare.

Samsung Galaxy s8Lei Ming Xuan/Weibo; Có Phai Mèo Dâu/Facebook

The codes stamped on one of the tester devices correspond to an actual unit–the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus TD-LTE, also known as the Samsung Dream 2. For those who may not know, it’s a device set for release in Europe and the Middle East. On the final device, the dimensions are similar to what Samsung quoted at the reveal of the Galaxy S8: 73.4 mm x 159.5 mm x 8.1 mm. It comes with a Samsung Exynos 9 Octa 8895M, 64bit SoC with ARM Mali-G71 GPU.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Pro Edition

Several outlets believe Samsung could be saving the dual camera feature for the Note 8. However, it could also be for another final product. Rumors about another S8 model surfaced simultaneously with the photos of the S8 prototype. There’s no final name attached on it yet, although some predict it could be called the Samsung Galaxy S8 Pro. If released, the new edition of the device should be launched not long after the S8 and S8 Plus.

Then again, this is just a speculation. Details about the alleged Galaxy S8 Pro are scarce and launching a dual camera S8 model shortly after the current S8 units would have many people shaking fists. Separate rumors also claim that the company is currently working on an unnamed foldable Samsung phone. It’s apparently committed to mass-producing a few thousands of units this year for release to its partners and testers in the third quarter.

Then there’s the Note 8. To make up for its predecessor’s explosion fiasco last year, it makes sense for the company to include dual cameras in this year’s model.  It would be quite strange, considering the feature distribution of high-end abilities on past Galaxy devices, but it’s not entirely unheard of. After all, the first “Edge” device from Samsung was a Galaxy Note-like handset.

Whatever the case, Samsung was previously granted a patent for a super thin dual-camera system. So we should eventually see the missing feature in one of its future releases.

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