Samsung Galaxy S8: Three Disappointing Things To Consider Before Upgrading

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Samsung Galaxy S8

The Samsung Galaxy S8 generated an avalanche of pre-launch hype and its official unveiling Wednesday made most people forget about the phone maker’s Note 7 flop last year. Initial reviews reveal the Korean company’s newest flagship sports not just high-end specs, but a stunning design as well. Its appearance alone has already sold many people to throw down some serious cash.

However, there were actually some features on the phone that seemed lacking. Let’s take a look at them below.


Prior to its launch, there were rumors that Samsung Galaxy S8 would get a big camera update, setting our expectations high. It was reported previously that the device would sport between an 18MP and 24MP snapper with a wide f/1.4 aperture and dual camera setup. Much to our dismay, the new phones sport almost exactly the same camera hardware as its predecessor: a 12-megapixel sensor with an f/1.7 aperture.

To be fair, Samsung did add a better image processing and its existing camera setup isn’t all that bad. However, those are not enough to butt heads with brands that offer dual-camera systems such as the iPhone 7 Plus and LG G6. So if you’re purchasing the device for photography, you might want to compare S8’s shots with other cameras out there.

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For those who are planning to upgrade, expecting it would give them extra hours of usage might be disappointed too. According to CNET, Samsung did not give Galaxy S8’s battery an upgrade and kept S7’s 3000mAh for the standard model, although the S8 Plus comes with a slightly bigger 3500mAh battery.

Samsung claims S8 and S8 Plus can last 15 and 18 hours respectively of internet use. However, there are no reports yet reaffirming that. S7’s battery capacity was already disappointing. While it is yet to be tested, this will likely be the same case for S8.


Software-wise, one letdown about the phone is Samsung’s new smart digital assistant that is designed to compete with Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant. S8 marks Bixby’s debut so it’s understandable that there is still some room for improvements. But it’s worth noting that the VA was promised to be capable of doing more than its rivals.

Again, all capabilities of Bixby is yet to be verified. However, in the same outlet’s initial hands-on time of Samsung’s new VA wasn’t that smooth. It reportedly worked only with a handful of Samsung apps at launch and it failed to find information online. Generally, it overlaps with a lot of the things Google Assistant already does much better.

Then again, the aforementioned was just based on an initial review. Plus, there are more things to love than hate about the new flagship that make the upgrade worth it. Some of which is its gorgeous infinity display, iris scanner, and its faster, Gigabit LTE-ready processor.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 will cost $750, £689 or AU$1199, while the larger model is priced at $850, £779 or AU$1349. Monthly installment plans will vary by carrier. Both are available for preorder on March 30 and will be shipping in the US on April 21.

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