Samsung Galaxy S8 DeX Accessory Details Leaked; Selling for $160

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Samsung Galaxy S8 DeX accessory details leaked

A few months back, it was reported that the Samsung Galaxy S8 will include a version of Microsoft’s Continuum feature. At the time, nothing much was said about the purported device apart from providing a desktop-like functionality for the Galaxy S8. Now, a new report from a known German mobile device leakster shows more details about the said device.

According to Win Future, the Samsung DeX, short for Desktop Experience, is a piece of hardware that connects with the Galaxy S8. And from his descriptions, this piece of device will enable users of the said phone to connect an external display to the phone, among other things.

The Samsung DeX is nothing but a dock with a USB Type-C port for the Galaxy S8. What comes after that is short of amazing as the device promises a lot of added features to the phone. While the Samsung DeX will keep the Galaxy S8 charged, it also doubles as a desktop extension of the phone. At the back of the dock, there is an HDMI port that is capable of 4K resolutions at 30 frames  per second.

In addition to the HDMI port, there are also two USB 2.0 ports where users can connect a mouse and a keyboard for added input functionalities. Finally, there is also an Ethernet port that can be connected to a wired router for a stabler and faster network connection.

The Samsung DeX, as mentioned earlier, is capable of driving an external display. This display can be used in conjunction to the phone’s display for that multi-window functionality. Users will be able to browse through opened applications with ease with the use of the DeX.

According to the same report, the Samsung DeX will be sold for $160. Unfortunately, the report did not mention when the device will be officially released. However, there is a high probability that the Samsung DeX will make its way into the official unveiling of the Galaxy S8 on March 29. For more updates on the Samsung Galaxy S8, be sure to check us out at TheBitbag.

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