Samsung Galaxy S8 May Include Continuum-Like Feature

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The Windows official phone site posted a leaked image of the Samsung Galaxy S8 with a Continuum-like feature. With the leaked image, it is possible that Samsung is planning to introduce the Continuum-like feature for its upcoming mobile devices.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 Continuum-like feature will enable the users to access mobile apps on bigger screens. The mobile phone applications will be compatible with both a keyboard and a mouse. This is so users can easily access the applications on their desktops.

Samsung?s Galaxy S8?s continuum like Feature

The leaked images on the official phone site disclosed that Samsung is planning to introduce the Continuum-like feature for its upcoming device, Samsung Galaxy S8. The Continuum-like feature will provide ease for users to access their Android Apps on their desktops.

This is not the first time that the Continuum-like feature is offered to access mobile apps on bigger screens. Previously, Motorola has offered the same Continuum-like feature for its OneCompute in June 2016. It was the biggest and highest selling flagship handsets per year.

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Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung- The Best Platform for Microsoft apps

Samsung Galaxy S8?s Continuum-like feature is the best way to use Microsoft?s office productivity software for Android. Motorola’s OneCompute was suffered from a shortage of applications that were designed to be used with a mouse and keyboard. And Motorola’s OneCompute was also not successful in offering experience as good as Microsoft?s continuum does.

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So, Samsung has a plus point to prove itself by offering good streaming of Continuum-like features, and Microsoft?s office productivity app. The company may stimulate the development of peripherals, such as the USB Type-C ports to access the applications.

It is also a good point as the Android phones will be converted into mini-PCs, which will increase the number of consumers using Android apps and Microsoft software. Besides, multi-windowing in the Continuum, it is also expected to be released in March and April 2017.

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