Samsung Galaxy S8 Might Come with 8GB RAM; Releasing Mid-April 2017

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Samsung Galaxy S8

The Galaxy S8 is perhaps one of the most highly anticipated smartphones from Samsung to date. This has probably a lot to do with the recent mishap that the company had on the Galaxy Note 7. However, so as not to disappoint its loyal fanbase, Samsung is preparing for a colossal endeavor involving the Galaxy S8.

For one, it has been rumored that the upcoming smartphone will feature the best hardware money can buy. It will come equipped with the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chip and could potentially carry an 8GB RAM as well. While the latter may seem ludicrous, an 8GB memory is actually available now on the market.

According to SK Hynix pressroom, the company has finally unveiled its latest engineering marvel. The company has successfully launched the highest capacity RAM sized at 8GB per die. The company also mentioned that new memory chips are now ready to be used by future smartphone flagships.

Samsung Galaxy S7

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Having a high capacity memory on a single chip is an incredible step towards improving the performance of upcoming mobile devices. With the announcement, many now speculate that major smartphone manufacturers will be implementing the new chip sooner rather than later. And for sure, one of those companies will be Samsung. In fact, rumors are now spreading that the upcoming Galaxy S8 might feature the said memory chip.

The newest memory from SK Hynix boasts of an impressive size reduction of more than 30 percent. Meanwhile, power consumption was also reduced considerably by lowering the operating voltage of the chip. The new 8GB RAM can accommodate data transfers speeds of around 35GBps with its 64-bit, dual channel bus architecture.

On other news, Korean investment publication, The Investor, has confirmed that Samsung will release the Galaxy S8 by mid-April this year. In addition to this, the company is setting a steep goal for this year’s Galaxy S8 numbers. According to the same report, Samsung forecasts around 60 million Galaxy S8 units to be sold within the year. The entire production plan is set at around 5 million units produced per month starting in March.

It would seem that Samsung is pulling all the stops when it comes to its next flagship phone. This could be one of its biggest gambles to date since most experts agree that market acceptance is still uncertain for Samsung. This is especially to right the Galaxy Note 8 fiasco.

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