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Samsung Galaxy S7 Launch: This Is The Most Exciting Things That Happened, And It’s Not Because Of The Phone

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Hats off to the amazing launch of the latest Samsung Galaxy S7 phones that will soon hit the market. The technology might not have any more surprises to offer since the device was almost thoroughly leaked by a number of media outlets, according to the Verge. But the Samsung Galaxy S7 launch gave one incredible surprise that made a lasting impression to everyone.

Mark Zuckerberg appearance

Nobody could have imagined that Samsung would team up with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg to put on an exciting show. Their launch of the new Galaxy S7 phones might have pleased the audience but when Zuckerberg showed up to an unsuspecting crowd, everyone?s attention went to the Facebook chief, the Verge shared.

?Zuckerberg was there to talk up Facebook and Samsung?s VR partnership, but his words went mostly unheard as everyone was too busy trying to capture an image of him. It was the tech celebrity equivalent of Bieber mania. And it was a little bit scary. Or maybe a lot, since Zuckerberg walked off the stage with sweat patches under his arms. In any case, the desired outcome of drumming up hype was achieved,? the Verge reported.

Samsung Gear VR

Apart from the incredible launch of the Galaxy S7 devices and the Mark Zuckerberg bonanza, Samsung also made a special mention to the Gear VR virtual reality headset, which will supposedly sold as a bundle with the latest smartphones ?for the first few people to buy the devices,? according to Gadgets.NDTV.

The free Gear VR headset was an unbelievable move for Samsung that would make both the virtual reality system and the latest smartphones generate interest in the coming days. But according to Ars Technica, Samsung giving off the Gear VR as a bundle might also mean that sales are not selling well as Samsung had hoped.

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