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Samsung Galaxy S7 Images Leak: Possible Features Revealed, New Phone To Have 3D Touch Like Apple?

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As the new Samsung Galaxy S7 prepare its inevitable release, we managed to get some info on the concept image of the newest flagship phone.

Some leaked documents are hinting that the newest Galaxy S7 Edge will still have the Edge treatment, same with the Galaxy S6 Edge, those basing on the concept images, it will be more of a different approach. The team at 3DFuture have created a concept work based on the design patents that were applied by Samsung, giving us a more visual impression on the upcoming S7.

Based on the concept image, the most notable change in the display for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is the edges are now located at the upper and lower parts of the screen, as compared to the S6 Edge?s where it is designed at the side of the screen. Though at first it may look odd, though it also had the same treatment with the S6 Edge, but most likely Samsung will be launching a series of applications that will be complementing the upper and lower edged screens. Also, the top and bottom will not have physical buttons, where it will be placed on the side, though this could give some sort of app that will benefit the design.


There are also rumors that Samsung will be patenting a similar technology that with Apple?s 3D Touch and most likely it will be implemented to the Galaxy S7 Edge, there are also rumors that the curved technology will be implemented to the upcoming Galaxy S series models, the same goes with Apple as they might release a curved screen smartphone for their expected iPhone 7 release.

Another interesting info is that the Galaxy S7 Edge will be having an all-metal finish, along with a 5.8 inch screen but it is still unsure if it will support 4K resolution. Some details include the specifications where it sports a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 chipset with 4GB of RAM.

So far these are the available info for the Galaxy S7 Edge, but stay tuned as we try to get more updates.

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