Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Clearly Shown As Superior Vs. iPhone 6S Plus (Video)

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With Samsung?s latest smartphones Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge out now, comparisons are on with Apple?s iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. Samsung?s Galaxy S7 Edge seems to be clearly the winner over iPhone 6S Plus, according to a video comparing the basic features of the two.

YouTuber SuperSaf TV released a recent video comparing the 5.5-inch Galaxy S7 Edge to the iPhone 6S Plus, and his conclusion is that Apple will need to up its game to fare well against the South Korean giant?s latest device.

The design and build of the Galaxy S7 Edge makes it the winner against Apple?s gadget as it is narrower despite the 5.5-inch display both smartphones possess. It?s a lot smaller in height and width as there?s barely any bezel on either side of its display making it 5mm narrower than iPhone 6S Plus. With rounded glass on the front and back, it is far more compact and a comfortable phone to hold in your hands.

The S7 Edge fare well in the display too since both S7 and S7 edge have Samsung?s latest Super AMOLED displays in comparison to the LCD display technology used by Apple. While both models of Samsung feature 2K quad HD resolution with 534ppi, Apple?s iPhone 6S and 6S Plus are no match with their Full HD displays at 720p and 1080p.

In addition, S7 Edge also has a nifty “always on display,” which shows the time or calendar and other widgets without the need to turn on the entire screen, thereby saving battery life.

The S7 Edge is one of the first smartphones to be powered by Qualcomm’s new high-performance Snapdragon 820 octa-core processor and some models run Samsung?s Exynos 8990. The performance of both phones seem similar in this respect though Samsung?s latest flagship series are supplemented by 4GB of RAM, twice as much as the iPhone 6S Plus. Also, Samsung?s built in cooling allows the phone to run games that use 3D rendering smoothly and as such scores yet again.

The most significant area of Galaxy S7 has been the performance of its camera. The Galaxy S7 has a 12-megapixel camera similar to iPhone 6S Plus. While the camera has a lower resolution than the 16-megapixel camera on the Galaxy S6, it appears to be outperforming the iPhone so far.

The side-by-side comparison of shots in outdoor lighting in the earlier video show the Galaxy S7 seemingly having more vibrant colors and does a better job of bringing out contrasts in the trees and shrubs. Also, the autofocus on the Galaxy S7 reacts more quickly than it does on the iPhone 6. And, the S7 does a better job in low-light settings thanks to having optical image stabilization.

Additionally, in the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge, Samsung has IP68 water and dust resistance rating, which means the phones can spend 30 minutes underwater and come out like nothing even happened.

Samsung’s upgrade of the battery to 3,600 milliamp-hour (mAh) is even better because the phone can now last an entire day or sometimes a day and half if you have your phone settings optimized just right.

The support of Fast Charging is great too as the S7 Edge recharges from 0% to 20% in 15 minutes, to 40% in 30 minutes and to 100% in one hour and 40 minutes. The smartphone even supports Fast Wireless Charging.

Though the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge come in just 32GB internal storage option in comparison to 16GB, 32GB and 64GB by Apple, it however, can take an additional 200GB of storage thanks to its micro SDXC support.

Taking into consideration all the upgrades, it was concluded that the Galaxy S7 Edge easily beats the iPhone 6S Plus, and Apple really needs to step its game up for the iPhone 7. The Galaxy S7 Edge comes out as the superior device because of its features.

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