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Samsung Galaxy S7 And Facebook Partnership: What It’s Really About

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Samsung has just unveiled the Galaxy S7 during their launch event in Barcelona, Spain just before the Mobile World Congress 2016. While the guests and spectators were in awe at the exciting new smartphone, the surprise appearance of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg stole the show as countless fanatics and journalists quickly stormed the stage to try and get a snapshot of the social media mogul.

Zuckerberg was there to help drum up publicity for the partnership between Samsung and Facebook. The partnership between these two gigantic companies involves virtual reality, which was one of the major themes during the Samsung Unpacked event where the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge were launched.

As reported by Venture Beat, Zuckerberg said during his talk that ?VR is the next platform, where anyone can create and experience anything they want. For right now, it?s mostly used for gaming. That?s quickly evolving.?

According to the report, Zuckerberg further said that Facebook is investing in VR as it tries to deliver ?new social experiences?. ?VR is going to be the next social platform. And that?s why we?re working with Samsung? the Facebook CEO said.

Soon after Zuckerberg?s talk, a new blog post was made by Facebook on its company blog which announced that it would be bringing its new streaming 360 video to the Samsung Gear VR. The blog post also says that the social media company is also investing in ?social VR? as they see that VR experiences will be something that will help people connect and share in the future.

Samsung already has a partnership with Oculus VR, a company bought by Facebook in 2014, but now it seems the partnership will become even stronger with the social media site having a larger involvement this time around. It will be exciting to see how virtual reality and social media can mix together, but with amazing devices such as the Samsung?s Galaxy S7 and Gear VR headset and Facebook?s genius nothing seems impossible.

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