Samsung Galaxy S6 Specs: Might Come With Thinner Body But Weaker 2,600 mAh Battery

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Latest rumors suggest that the Galaxy S6 will come with a less powerful battery. (Image courtesy of Samsung)

??????????? Craving for more Samsung?Galaxy S6 rumor? Here?s another serving. Samsung?s upcoming 2015 flagship is said to sport a sexier physique. But it comes with a disturbing drawback. Read on and find out.

May stick at 5.1-inch display

??????????? The tech rumor mill is buzzing with fresh speculations about the much awaited Samsung Galaxy S6. Phone Arena has been a frontrunner in posting about these S6 hype and the site recently cited reports that the upcoming model will come with a display that has same size as its predecessor, the Galaxy S5.

The current Samsung flagship has a screen that measures 5.1 inches diagonally. The S6 will reportedly be furnished with the same screen size but will offer an upgrade in the display resolution.

Thinner body, weaker battery

??????????? More importantly, the Samsung Galaxy S6 is rumored to have a thinner body. It is said to come with a body as thin as the iPhone 6?s 6.9mm profile. However, this slim facade may not be a good move. Why? Because Samsung may need to compromise other features in exchange for a more slender handset. Usually, the component that takes a hit in these situations is the battery.

??????????? Tech site cited mentioned that Samsung?s next frontrunner may just be packing a less powerful 2,600mAh battery, citing sources from Korea. If this is true, then the Galaxy S6 will come with a battery that is virtually similar in capacity with 2013?s Galaxy S4.

??????????? Moreover, if Samsung is planning to update the S6?s display to the new QHD resolution, then it would require more power in order to run efficiently. This may sound weird or even wrong but on the other hand, if the device maker integrate their newest Exynos 7420 into the device then it may a different story. The said system-on-chip is Samsung?s latest proprietary chipset which is built on a 14nm process. The company claims that it will make devices 30-35% more power efficient.

Samsung?s Galaxy S6 teaser video

??????????? If you?ve had enough of leaks and rumors then it?s time to get your hands on some official stuff. Samsung has just released a new teaser clip which is obviously for the Samsung Galaxy S6. The teaser resonates with earlier reports that the handset will have better camera than the Galaxy S5. At the end of the video, you?ll see a camera icon that features a circle enclosed by a square, a visual imagery that is similar to the likeness of the S5 camera. The short clip is posted by Samsung via its official Twitter account. It?s accompanied with a cryptic text that reads, ?”I am #TheNextGalaxy. Be inspired by my vision at #Unpacked.” Check it out here.

Galaxy S6 teased by Samsung in a new clip (Image courtesy of Samsung's official Twitter account)

Galaxy S6 teased by Samsung in a new clip (Image courtesy of Samsung’s official Twitter account)


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