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Samsung Galaxy S6: iPhone of the Android crowd?

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Samsung Galaxy S6 comes on the heels of the debut of the iPhone 6. It?s not strange that it appears to be like the iPhone 6, given the long history of design theft between Apple and Samsung. The focus, however, is on the S6, which looks just like the S5 at a glance, although there are noticeable differences.

Here is a report from Know Your Mobile where we take a closer look at the newest member of Samsung?s S series. Along with the S6 Edge, we see if the long wait for the handset was worth it. This Forbes report, meanwhile, plays the role of the pessimist?it?s still too early to say whether the Samsung Galaxy S6 is a complete success. What are the signs that the Samsung Galaxy S6 is considered a failure?

A First-Hand Look at the Galaxy S6 and the Edge

What exactly does the Galaxy S6 and the S6 Edge bring to the table?

A quick look at the specs sheet provided by Know Your Mobile reveals that the Samsung Galaxy S6 has a Quad-HD AMOLED display, and is powered by Samsung?s Exynos 7 Octa processor. It?s almost the same for the Galaxy Edge, with a slight advantage in battery life, size, and weight: the Galaxy Edge is lighter than the Galaxy S6.

It?s by far Samsung?s most impressive phone since the days of the early Galaxy line. Will it be enough to go toe-to-toe with the iPhone 6 and the future handsets Apple will release? It might be?then again, it could be enough to keep Android users from exchanging their phones for iPhones.

Signs of a Failure

Even if the Samsung Galaxy S6 is one heck of a phone, it?s still susceptible to a weakness that plagues new phones once they roll out of the factory.

It?s ultimately the people, according to Forbes, who will decide what the Samsung Galaxy S6?s fortunes will be. There is no doubt that the S6 is the standard bearer for the Android crowd.

Samsung?s Next Step

The Samsung Galaxy S6 and the Edge are only the tip of the iceberg for Samsung. While the rest have to wait until Samsung?s presentation dust settles, there is no doubt that the Samsung Galaxy S6 will set a standard for Samsung?s actions going forward.


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