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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge: Wireless Charging and Stress Test Results

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Samsung is spearheading the way towards wireless power, and here are the results to prove it.

Recently, Samsung has announced the arrival of their new handsets, the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 Edge. . Here?s the proof that Samsung is committed to wireless energy: this PR News Wire report that Samsung has invested in Qi chargers, which are wireless chargers.

Let?s take a look at the model in question, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. If we take a look at this PH Android article, Samsung has gone all out in making the Samsung Galaxy S6 a design masterpiece.

A Brave New World

Samsung?s Galaxy S6 Edge, according to PR News Wire, will be packaged with Qi chargers. Qi chargers are wireless chargers which are currently being built into vehicles as a factory installed option, like the article said. Samsung will have Qi capability built into the S6 and the Edge variant, meaning that these phones will be able to interact with any Qi-capable vehicle.

The beauty of a Qi charger is that you don’t need messy cables nor a plug-in outlet. While you still need to charge the Wireless Charger by plugging a USB into, say, a PC, the phones does not need a cable to charge. Simply place the phone on top of the Wireless Charger to let it power up.

This combines well with the fast-charging battery of Samsung, even if the Qi charger still energizes your celphone’s battery slowly.

Galaxy S6 Edge put to the Test

The Samsung Galaxy S6 is a surprisingly tough nut to crack?literally. The screen of the phone, from what the PH Android article says, is made of super-durable Gorilla 4 glass. Aside from being scratch-proof, the video on the PH Android article shows the Samsung Galaxy S6 being thrown on a concrete floor?and surviving without a scratch.

With today?s phones being viewed as flimsy, the Galaxy S6 seems to be aiming to differentiate itself by being tough.

Samsung Not Budging

With the S6 and the Edge, it managed to combine design with durability and long-lasting battery life. The future seems bright with Samsung?s phones raising the bar for how smartphones should be in the future.


Photo Credit: Samsung

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