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Samsung Galaxy S6 Early Look: Lightning Fast Processing Speed, Better Graphics, 2K Display, New Camera Using Qualcomm New Processors

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Samsung is not yet officially out worldwide and yet speculations of the next year?s Galaxy S6 smartphone already leaked online. Galaxy S6 killer features include 2K display, blazing fast 64-bit processor, better graphics performance and exceptional battery life.

Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung Galaxy S5 remains unavailable in the global market and Galaxy Note 4 is still several months away, but spectators are already talking about Galaxy S6 that features hard-hitting hardware components.

New speculations of Galaxy S6 are based on the partnership between Samsung and Qualcomm in the United States and the announcement of next-generation 64-bit Snapdragon processors.

1. Ultra Speed Performance

Apple featured a ?processor chipset with 64-bit support on iPhone 5S but Samsung will have their hands on it soon. Qualcomm announced their upcoming Snapdragon 808 and 810 processors which support 64-bit processing. Galaxy S6 will have ultra-speed performance using these next-generation processors with Cat 6 LTE Advanced network compatibility.

2. 4K Ultra HD Video

In addition to 64-bit processor, Qualcomm?s new Snapdragon CPUs will enable rich native 4K Ultra HD interface and video along with an upgraded camera suite. Samsung may add this new feature on top of fast-auto focus, HDR rich tone and video stabilisation.

3. Bigger RAM Support

Qualcomm enables Snapdragon 810 processor to support LPDDR4 memory. LPDDR4 memory is a RAM chipset which Samsung is currently developing to enable new flagship devices to utilise up to 8 GB of RAM.

4. High Resolution Display

Samsung already announced the fourth generation Galaxy tablets with 2K display resolution and it won?t be long till Galaxy smartphones and phablet feature the same display. Also, Samsung won?t have to deal with issues using 2K since Qualcomm next-gen processors support 2K or WQXGA display resolution.

5. Improved Graphics Performance

New processors always come with new graphics chipset and Qualcomm will add Adreno 430 GPU that supports OpenGL ES 3.1 version. If Android 4.5 supports the OpenGL ES 3.1, you may see Galaxy S6 with an upgraded graphics performance by up to 30 per cent using Adreno 430.

6. New Camera Technology

Galaxy S5 boasts ISOCELL sensor technology, which Samsung claims better than BSI or Back-Side Illumination. By 2015, we may finally get the Optical Image Stabilisation on a Galaxy smartphone empowered by Qualcomm processors using gyro-stabilisation and 3D noise reduction.

7. Battery Life

Ultra Power Saving mode made the Galaxy S5 longer lasting compared to Galaxy S4. It lasts longer than Sony Xperia Z1 and LG G2 even if the battery rating is relatively lower. A combination of new power saving app, new Android OS and new Qualcomm processors will reduce energy consumption on Galaxy S6.

8. External 4K Display via HDMI 1.4

Qualcomm?s new processor support frame buffer compression and external 4K display support using HDMI 1.4 which will deliver a new viewing experience for Galaxy S6 owners.

9. New Wi-Fi Technology

Using Qualcomm next-generation processors, Samsung will receive improvements to the Multiple Input Multiple Output or MIMO feature on Galaxy S6. Qualcomm will implement mobile support for multi-user MIMO to deliver more efficient performance.

10. Connectivity

Aside from improving 4G/LTE and Wi-Fi, Qualcomm will also support Bluetooth 4.1 version, USB 3.0 port for faster data transfer on computers and latest Qualcomm? IZat? for highly accurate location services.

Samsung may feature some of these new hardware technologies on the rumoured Galaxy S5 Prime ? variant expected to be released this year ? and on the Galaxy Note 4. Qualcomm will commence sampling of 64-bit processors in the second half of 2014 and expects to release them officially in the first half of 2015.

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