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Samsung Galaxy S5 vs. iPhone 5S: Top 10 Reasons Why Transfer from iPhone 5S to the New Galaxy Phone

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Samsung Galaxy S5 is a great alternative for iPhone 5S users who wanted to transfer to Android OS. In order to find out if Galaxy S5 is worth your money, here are the top factors why it is a good choice for transfer.

Better and Larger Display

Samsung Galaxy S5 boasts 5.1-inch screen display and 1080p resolution which makes video playback and image viewing a lot better compared with iPhone 5S. Additionally, Galaxy S5 has 432 ppi pixel density that renders images better than 326 ppi of iPhone 5S.

If you want to watch a lot of HD movies and view slideshows with richer experience, Galaxy S5 can deliver that experience from its big display and higher resolution.


Oleophobic coating on iPhone 5S blocks fingerprint smudges but it remains vulnerable against dust and won?t survive a swimming pool dive. Samsung added dust and water resistance (IP 67) on top of Corning Gorilla Glass 3 to lessen users from worrying about splashes and encourages use for recreational activities such as recording underwater.

Bigger Storage

Apple hasn?t released any iPhone with external SD card and the biggest internal storage they?ve added so far is 64 GB. Samsung equipped Galaxy S5 with up to 32 GB internal storage plus a microSD card that supports 128 GB storage. It can hold more HD movies, music files and images than iPhone 5S.

Download Booster

When it comes with file downloads using the Internet, Galaxy S5 boasts a booster to swiftly get files online no matter how big they are. Download Booster allows the smartphone to utilise both Wi-Fi and LTE connectivity to speed up downloads of any file with size of 30 MB or higher.

Dual Wi-Fi

In the United States, network carriers may not agree with the Download Booster implementation but they cannot hold dual Wi-Fi on Galaxy S5. Galaxy S5 features Multiple Input Multiple Output which uses two Wi-Fi antennas to double up speed of download and upload using the Internet via Wi-Fi connection.

Fingerprint Scanner with PayPal

Samsung improved the fingerprint scanner user experience by enabling it on the display screen with PayPal and Samsung password support. Users can make faster and more secure payments via PayPal by swiping a finger and allows purchase with Samsung services using the fingerprint rather than entering the password.

Rapid Auto-Focus

ISOCELL sensor and 16 MP camera rating are not the only things Galaxy S5 offers in photography. It can capture images so rapidly that it automatically focuses within 0.3 seconds using to the Phase Detection technology by Samsung.

Ultra Power Saving

Galaxy S5 can now extend battery life to the fullest using Ultra Power Saving mode. This feature shuts down wireless connections such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC and others, prevent background services from syncing, control CPU performance and even changes display colour to greyscale to help reduce screen power consumption.

Baby Monitoring

If you are planning to purchase Galaxy Gear accessory for Galaxy S5, a digital baby monitoring aid will be unlocked. Baby monitoring feature on Galaxy S5 is located at the Accessibility options and requires Galaxy Gear to function. It alarms you if the device hears a baby crying nearby which can help out at certain situations.

Emergency Mode

Dual shot using two cameras is not exactly easy to do during emergencies so Samsung installed a dedicated emergency mode located at the power button for better access. Emergency mode will enable a power saving effect to sustain battery life, send out alarm sounds, deliver location information via messages to selected recipients and activates the flash in case you need it.

Samsung Galaxy S5 features a whole new dimension of what Galaxy flagship devices should be – sporting protection, high-powered hardware, great camera, health utilities and longer lasting battery life.

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