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Samsung Galaxy S5: Top 5 Known Problems and Practical Ways to Fix Them

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Samsung Galaxy S5 may offer the latest and amazing features, but it is nowhere near perfect. Here are the most common issues you may experience with the expensive smartphone and simple ways to work around them.

Missing Download Booster ?

Sadly, certain network carriers in the United States removed the unique Download Booster on Galaxy S5 which prevents users to utilise Wi-Fi and LTE connectivity for downloading large files. AT&T, Sprint and Verizon removed the feature on their Galaxy S5 models.

1. Switch to T-Mobile or U.S. Cellular since their models feature Download Booster.
2. Wait till third-party developers create effective rooting kits for those variants which may restore the feature.

Water Resistance

IP 67 on Galaxy S5 delivers complete protection against dust and resistance to water. However, water pressure is not covered by the ingress protection rating so users must be careful on submerging the device in water.

1. Do not dunk or throw the device in water as pressure may damage internal parts.
2. Dry out the device using a towel, then place it in a container full of rice. Make sure the device is turned off.
3. Do not turn on the device for 24 to 48 hours. Let the rice do its trick for Galaxy S5.
4. For fixing the damages, go the nearest service center to have the device restored.

Performance Lag

Galaxy S5 may have the latest hardware and newer software version, but the TouchWiz UI remains heavy that can cause some sluggishness.

1. Change the default Home Launcher into Nova, Apex or something else from the Play Store.
2. Turn off special animations to smoothen performance. Press and hold on a blank space on the home screen > Home screen settings > Transition effect > None. Go to Settings > Lock screen > Unlock effect > None.
3. Reduce display factors such as less widgets and using static wallpapers.
4. Reduce transitions by going to Settings > Developer options > Windows animation scale/Transition animation scale/Animator duration scale > Off or 0.5x. If the Developer options are not present, go to Settings > About device > Tap Build Version seven times.
5. Turn off the S Voice to speed up Home Button performance. Double tap the Home key > S Voice > Settings > Uncheck Open via the home key.
6. Set syncing of apps and services manually to prevent slowdown whenever your device is connected to the Internet. Go to Settings > Accounts > Turn off automatic syncing. Use the in-app settings to manually sync services.
7. Manage bloatware apps and features by going to Settings > Application Manager > All > Select apps you don?t want to use > Disable.

Camera Issues

Galaxy S5 features Rapid Auto-Focus but sometimes shooting may suffer slowdown that is usually affected by the camera settings.

1. Launch the camera app > tap the Gear icon > Turn off Picture Stabilisation. Picture Stabilisation is generally used to improve quality of images under low-light scenes in exchange of longer shutter speed.
2. Some users may experience the notifications ?Warning: Camera Failed? that causes the camera app to stop from loading. Here are some quick solutions for it:
a. Restart the device which usually fixes almost all issues.
b. Settings > Application Manager > Camera > Force Stop, Clear Cache and Clear Data.
c. Uninstall third-party camera apps that may have caused the glitch.
d. Use the internal storage as prime saving area, then transfer it later to the SD card.
e. Visit a service center for the camera may be faulty.

Overheating Issues

Although Galaxy S5 is far from the Galaxy S4 overheating problems, users should be aware that high-class smartphones can generate much heat compared to mid-range devices. Here are some tips to prevent heat from damaging your device.

  1. Apps which cause overheating should be used moderately. If it?s a third-party app, uninstall it.
  2. Video recording using 4K resolution may cause heat on the camera area as processors are working at max. Record 4K videos separately, then edit them later.
  3. Never place your device on surfaces under direct heat or sunlight.
  4. Never leave your smartphone inside the car.
  5. Allow the device to breathe by removing cases, covers or other accessories during high gameplay or recharging.

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