Samsung Galaxy S5 T-Mobile Update Stopped; Downloading G900TUVU1ANE5 May Cause Very Low Data Connection Speed on 3G and 4G-LTE

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T-Mobile stopped the latest firmware update for the Samsung Galaxy S5 containing a bug fix due to another issue that lowers data speed significantly on 3G and LTE connection.

T-Mobile Halts Firmware Update

United States network carrier T-Mobile stopped an update for the Samsung Galaxy S5, due to ?a problem delivered by the new software. The G900TUVU1ANE5 firmware was released to fix an issue reported by users related to messaging on Galaxy S5. But those who managed to get their hands on the latest update released by the network provider may suffer very low data connection speed using mobile 3G or 4G-LTE until T-Mobile provides a fix.

According to the latest posts at XDA developers, T-Mobile?s current data connection speed on both 3G and LTE significantly dropped and some users even reported that the speed could drop as low as 1 MB after updating their Galaxy S5. Although not every user is affected by this issue, the network provider decided to halt the update in order stop spreading the bug.

T-Mobile has no details yet on what could have caused such problem on a firmware that was meant to fix something. It is also unclear when the rollout will resume and how long would it take for T-Mobile to figure out what happened.

Galaxy S5 G900TUVU1ANE5

Galaxy S5 G900TUVU1ANE5 firmware update from T-Mobile rolled out recently containing a fix for the incoming SMS and MMS failure. It has a huge size of 131 MB which rolled out via Over the Air process and Samsung Kies PC Suite.

T-Mobile only posted a single change log regarding the new firmware that says improvements about the intermittently incoming SMS/MMS failure.

Fixing via Rollback?

Normally, any issues delivered by a firmware update are fixable using the upcoming new software containing the patch or using a firmware rollback. However, Galaxy S5 is one of the known smartphones difficult to set for a rollback and resetting the device to solve a problem such as the case on T-Mobile is not possible.

You may visit the nearest T-Mobile service centre to have the device reformatted and reinstalled with the previous firmware in order to resolve the issue. Unless, you are capable of accessing the boot loader and using ODIN flash tool, you can download and reinstall the initial or factory firmware of T-Mobile Galaxy S5 which can be found on various sources online.

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