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Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini Specs: Water Resistance, 720p Display, 8 MP Camera, Snapdragon 400 and Android 4.4 KitKat OS

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Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini will feature IP 67 certification rating, which protects it from dust and resist water, according to leaked specs. Samsung New Zealand also claims the warranty information of the device is similar to Galaxy S5 and Galaxy S4 Active.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini Specs

As usual, Samsung will make a smaller variant of Galaxy S5 with ?Mini? as the name suffix. Interestingly, Samsung also plans to include IP 67 certification rating on Galaxy S5 to the ?mini? version to get total ingress protection against dust and resist water damage, based on leaked information.

In addition to IP 67, Galaxy S5 Mini features 4.5-inches of Super AMOLED display screen with 720p display resolution or 1280 x 720 that upgrades the menial display on Galaxy S4 Mini. It runs the latest Android 4.4 KitKat OS and powered by Qualcomm?s Snapdragon processor, probably quad-core Snapdragon 400.

Moreover, Galaxy S5 Mini boasts other specs such as 8 MP rear and 2 MP front cameras, 1.5 GB of RAM chipset, 16 GB internal storage capacity with microSD card slot, Infrared Blaster port and 2100 mAh battery pack. However, Galaxy S5 Mini may not have a Heart Rate and Fingerprint Sensor since these features are considered high-end.

It is expected to be released around June 2014 and its pricing remains a mystery.

Warranty Information

Samsung New Zealand warranty information claims included Galaxy S5 Mini and its water-resistance feature is classified the same with Galaxy S5 and Galaxy S4 Active.

Under the ?Warranty Exclusions? section of the warranty claims, Samsung may identify certain factors which will exclude the device from receiving warranty if damaged by water under the following conditions:

  1. Improper closure of the back cover of the Samsung Galaxy S5, S5 Mini or S4 Active Mobile Phone; or
  2. Use of a non Samsung accessory cover; or
  3. Submersion of the Samsung Galaxy S5, S5 Mini or S4 Active Mobile Phone in water for 30 minutes or more; or
  4. The depth of the water at which the Samsung Galaxy S5, S5 Mini or S4 Mini Active Mobile Phone was submerged was greater than or equal to 1 metre.

PhoneArena caught these details via screenshot, but the official Web site of Samsung New Zealand for warranty claims has been updated and removed the entry of Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini ? clearly leaked the information regarding its IP 67 rating.

Regardless, Samsung seems to be adding IP 67 rating on their upcoming mobile devices and gives importance to its selling point for customers who want gadgets with extra resilience.

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