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Samsung Galaxy S5 ISOCELL Camera Explained: Increases Light, Improved Colour Accuracy and Lesser Image Noise

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Samsung explained the ISOCELL camera on Galaxy S5 and how it helps improve picture quality, colour reproduction and less noise. Here are the advantages of S5?s 16 MP ISOCELL camera and what it does to your images.


Source: Samsung

Source: Samsung


Samsung released a video that explains the ISOCELL camera on Galaxy S5 and how it helps improve photography dramatically on high-powered smartphones. According to the company, ISOCELL camera sensors are better compared to BSI or Back-Side Illumination sensors currently used various mobile devices.

Advantages of ISOCELL sensors on smartphones:

  1. Thinner than BSI which fits for thin and powerful smartphones.
  2. ISOCELL decreases crosstalk to increase light sensitivity.
  3. Decreased crosstalk improves colour fidelity under low-light scenes.
  4. 30 per cent reduction of crosstalk decreases noise and precisely captures light photons.
  5. Reproduces rich colour and sharper as if the original.
  6. Increases 30 per cent full well depth to improve High-Dynamic Range or HDR.
  7. 20 per cent wider chief ray angle than BSI to diminish the height of the camera module for thin smartphones.
  8. Maximises light sensitivity and colour accuracy.

Galaxy S5 16 MP Camera

Even though ?Samsung didn?t include an optical image stabilisation technology on Galaxy S5 that can be found on LG Nexus 5, it does feature video stabilisation to lessen blurring during video recording due to shaking.

Its 16 MP ISOCELL camera boasts 5312 x 2988 resolution, fast automatic focus, richer HDR tone, dual shot for simultaneous use of the rear and front cameras and dual video call. Moreover, the rear camera sports 1/2.6? sensor size that is slightly larger than 1/2.5? sensor on Nokia Lumia 1520 but capable of recording videos with 4K resolution for larger screen playback.

Galaxy S5 Strengths

Galaxy S5 with ISOCELL technology may not make it the best in smartphone photography, but the flagship device features unique traits not found on iPhone 5S, HTC M8 and Xperia Z2.

  1. MIMO or Multiple Input Multiple Output feature doubles Internet speed by using two Wi-Fi antennas or combining Wi-Fi with LTE connectivity.
  2. Ingress Protection (IP) 67 which means tightly sealed against dust plus water resistant for 30 minutes. Others only feature IP 55/58 that doesn?t prevent dust completely.
  3. Lifestyle Apps that sounds more marketing than features, but helps conscious users to monitor heart rate and track routine exercises, calories and more using built-in sensors.


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