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Samsung Galaxy S5 : How To Activate Kids Mode Explained

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Samsung Galaxy S5 : How To Activate Kids Mode Explained

The Samsung Galaxy S5 has much to offer not only the adult smartphone user, but their children as well. If you are worried though, that the S5’s apps and interface may not be for your kid, you can opt to activate the Kids Mode on your Samsung S5.

What is the Kids Mode?

The Kids Mode is an entirely new interface that you can install in your Samsung Galaxy ?S5. It transforms your smartphone into a dynamic device that resembles a child’s toy with a number of clever options for them to play with.

How do you get Kids Mode on your Samsung Galaxy ?S5?

To activate Kids Mode, you need to do two things:

1. Go to the Home screen and go to the Kids Mode shortcut. It can also be found in the app drawer.

2. The Kids Mode shortcut will ask you to download a file from the internet. Once downloaded and installed, it will now ask you for a PIN that you must enter in the Kids Mode interface.

You are now all set to configure Kids Mode with your child’s profile, and choose whatever apps you want your kids to access. Even if you decide not to choose any apps, there are pre-arranged apps for the kids to play with immediately.

There are a number of screens on the Kids Mode that feature fun apps. There are dinosaurs that do outrageous things, and other delightful activities that include a voice recorder, media player, a kids camera, painting tools etc….

One app that features a voice and sound recording tool has gotten many kids shouting in glee. Although this may seem at first very similar to existing apps like Talking Tom etc…, the unique microphone, changeable faces and playback features, make it a more interesting tool than other similar apps.

One nice thing about Kids Mode that parents like is that it makes them aware of what their kids are using their smartphone for, and which app they frequently use. The usage monitoring provides parents with information on their kids interests and likes.

A number of settings in Kids Mode of the Samsung Galaxy S5 also enables parents to control the smartphone the way they like. Permissions for apps, 3D tilting effects, the block key, playtime limits, and the changing of the PIN, gives parents total control over the use and amount of time their kids spend on the Samsung Galaxy S5.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 Kids Mode is very simple and easy to set up, and provides kids with a lot of options and activities to explore and have fun.


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