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Samsung Galaxy S5 Google Play Edition Coming Out Very Soon; Image Spotted at Google Play Store

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Samsung Galaxy S5 Google Play Edition may be coming out very soon after its image leaked out at the Google Play Store along with Sony Xperia Z Ultra and HTC One 2014.

Samsung Galaxy S5 GPE

Google did feature Galaxy S4 running vanilla user interface and sold as Google Play Edition last year. Now, we are expecting Galaxy S5 to have a Google Play Edition model available soon after its image leaked out.

If you look at the six smartphones, you will not find anything named ?Galaxy S5? but ?Galaxy S4? instead. However, on a closer look that Galaxy S4 model flanked by LG G Pad 8.3 and HTC One 2014 is very identical to Galaxy S5.

Galaxy S5

It has the same dotted design, same location of the camera lens, headphone port and external loudspeaker found on Galaxy S5. Since Google has not officially confirmed a GPE version of Galaxy S5, it remains unclear if the new Samsung smartphone will replace Galaxy S4 on the list or an additional entry for the GPE series. Google made two HTC smartphones available in the GPE series, HTC One 2013 and 2014 specifically.

User Interface

Unlike the original Galaxy S5, the Google Play Edition model will run Android vanilla user interface that removes all exclusive Samsung apps and services, same thing with Galaxy S4 GPE. But there are several important features that Galaxy S5 is known for and it is something you should be checking out before purchasing the GPE model.

  1. Fingerprint Sensor
  2. Heart Rate Monitor
  3. Galaxy Gear compatibility to open Baby Cry Monitor
  4. Default camera app and camera modes
  5. S Health application
  6. Adapt Display

Although most of these features are hardware dependent and can easily be ported to the vanilla Galaxy S5, there are few things that can be removed on the model such as Download Booster and the prominent Ultra Power Saving Mode,?running under TouchWiz UI, that are also very important. Also, you may get a little bothered with the two sets of keys on the GPE model ?hard key buttons below the screen and soft keys inside the screen.

Owners of the Google Play Edition of Galaxy S5 will still be able to enjoy the IP 67 dust-proof and water resistance feature, Super AMOLED display technology and ISOCELL camera.

Photo Source: Google Play Store

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