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Samsung Galaxy S5: facts, leaks, rumors and speculation

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The Samsung Galaxy S5 is the Korean company’s flagship phone for 2014 and we have gathered the latest facts, rumors and leaks. You could say that one of the best hobbies for anyone online with a little search engine know-how is to trawl for rumors and leaks on the hottest mobile devices. The Samsung Galaxy S5 is no exception to this widespread information search, and you’ll see why when you get a load of what could possibly be in store for S5 buyers.

As of 2/20/2014, the only fact about the Samsung Galaxy S5 is:

It’s coming out early this year.

That’s the best we can confirm. Why? Some experts say it might be launched or announced as early as the last week of February in Barcelona, pre-empting anything that LG and HTC can do in March.

So what are the juiciest rumors about it? The best part about smartphone rumor-mongering is that it’s always good and everyone wins. Whether the actual device lives up to the rumors, the brand itself dictates what happens in the end and consumers either grab the device hot off the shelves or wait for the next iteration. Here are the most exciting speculations about the Samsung Galaxy S5:

  • Full metal body -?Samsung has stuck to its guns on the plastic body throughout the last S series phones but the recent Samsung Galaxy S4 Active has a lot of tough features. The metal body, shock-proof and dust-proof features hint at something better for the newest flagship phone.
  • Fingerprint scanner – whether it’s to keep up with or one-up the iPhone 5s, Samsung is introducing a swipe-based scanner in their home button.
  • Android KitKat – while other flagship phones from last year are still waiting for their version of KitKat, the Samsung Galaxy S5 comes fresh with it, and some images have been leaked showing something that looks like BlinkFeed and Google Now put together. Still, it’s supposedly better than the Samsung TouchWiz UI everyone isn’t a big fan of.
  • Screengasm – the main selling point of a lot of mobile devices is the screen and the Galaxy S5 has been rumored to have at least 5 inches of real estate and 560 pixels per inch. The resolution is purportedly going to be 2560×1440 in HD. Clearly, Samsung does not seek to disappoint.
  • 32-bit processor – in a spot of bad news for excited spec-fanatics, the flagship phone isn’t going to compete with Apple on its 64-bit processor. Still, it’s supposed to be able to take anything you throw at it. The processor is supposed to clock in at 2.5GHz, which still beats the LG G2.


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