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Samsung Galaxy S5 Blasts Off in 150 countries on April 11th

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Samsung Galaxy S5 Blasts Off in 150 countries on April 11th


April 11, 2014 is the big day for Samsung Galaxy fans.

On this date, the much awaited and heralded Samsung Galaxy S5 will be in the hands of Galaxy smartphone users in 150 nations.

In the United Sates, the Galaxy S5 (GS5) is going to be carried by leading networks such as Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, U.S. Cellular and MetroPCS.


AT&T / Bell System is leaping one level higher, offering not only the Galaxy S5 but the Samsung Gear 2 and the Samsung Gear Fit smartwatch line as well.

Aside from the carriers, the Galaxy S5 will also be sold by top retailers ?(online and ?brick & mortar?) such as Walmart, Target, RadioShack, Sam’s Club, Costco, Best Buy and Amazon. All retailers are reportedly selling the GS5 and other Samsung wearable devices.

Across the seas in the UK, carriers such as Vodafone UK, EE, and Three will champion the GS5 together with retail channels Carphone Warehouse and Phones4u. We have yet to confirm if the O2 network will support the GS5 and what the GS5 pricing levels will be, but information on this is expected to come out as the April launch-date approaches.


There are rumors that Samsung might just pull a rabbit out of its hat by making the GS5 lower than the launch price of its predecessor, the Galaxy S4, but industry analysts doubt that this will happen given the excitement and buzz generated by the GS5.

Given the new technology featured in the GS5, a premium price tag is not unexpected. Some retailers have speculated that the GS5 will set you back by around US$888 Dollars ( that would be about ?800 and AU$983).


Aside from the new features, mobile gadget watchers do not see anything else exciting with the GS5 especially when it comes to the ?new? design.

It essentially looks like the GS4 with some additional bits and changes (stolen from the ?Note?) here and there. It is notable to mention however that the back casing has much improved with a lot more grip and feel to the touch.


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