Samsung Galaxy S5 Battery Tips & Tricks: 4 Easy Ways To Extend Battery Life

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You won?t have to look for wall sockets all the time if you follow these Galaxy S5 battery tips. (Image courtesy of Samsung)

The Galaxy S5 is Samsung?s current flagship smartphone. Although there are already a welter of rumors about its more powerful successor, the Galaxy S6, it?s still equipped with remarkable specs that other device makers are having a hard time to match.

Today we will talk about things you can do to prolong its battery life. We?ve given you a handful of options on which power banks to use with your device. Still, you should be aware of these Galaxy S5 battery tips and tricks so you won?t have to reach for those external battery packs to begin with.

Display brightness

This is probably the most common advice when it comes to saving a handset?s battery. But what you may not know is that tweaking the brightness to the lowest possible setting even when the ?Auto brightness? box is checked is more efficient, according to Phone Arena. Doing that will make your Galaxy S5 to dynamically alter the display?s brightness to ?dynamically tweak brightness while also sticking to more conservative values.?

Turn off mobile data or Wi-Fi when not needed

Believe it or not, there are times that you really don?t need to be connected to the Internet. During those instances, your battery will thank you if you turn off your phone?s data or Wi-Fi settings. Another useful tip is that when you do connect to a Wi-Fi network, make sure that it?s a solid one or you are well within its range. Techy folks from pointed out that it takes more power to search for and maintain the connection to a patchy Wi-Fi network compared to a more stable one.

Ultra Power-Saving Mode

Aside from the regular Power-Saving Mode, the Galaxy S5 has an even more efficient Ultra Power-Saving Mode that Samsung claims to give your device up to 12.5 days of battery from the time it?s fully charged. It adjusts your phone?s inner workings. For example, when it only has 10% battery left, it?ll still be able to last for another 24 hours. Of course, this mode has its own set of drawbacks. Ultra Power-Saving Mode will significantly reduce your phone?s performance, put the display in grayscale, and limit you to only a select number of apps.

Monitor apps that use lots of power

There are good apps and there are bad apps. But there?s also those that are evil. Why? Because they tend to have a habit of devouring huge chunks of your battery without offering a really meaningful purpose. For example, if you download a single-purpose flashlight app and you see that it?s among those that consume more power, then you better uninstall it right away. Apart from wreaking havoc on your battery, those kind of applications may even be secretly collecting information from your device. As such, it?s a wise move to only get your apps from trusted sources. To see how much battery each of your apps eat up, head to Settings > Battery. Decide which of them are worthy to keep and which ones you are better off without.


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