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Samsung Galaxy S5 Battery Life Lasts Longer than iPhone 5S, LG G2, Nexus 5 and Xperia Z1

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Source: Samsung

Source: Samsung

Battery endurance tests reveal impressive performance of Samsung Galaxy S5 even though the battery did not have considerable upgrade from S4. Battery tests also revealed that Galaxy S5 was able to beat iPhone 5S, LG G2 and Xperia Z1 battery performances.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Battery Test

Galaxy S5’s ?2800 mAh battery which is only 200 higher than last year?s flagship smartphone?is hardly considered ?an upgrade. But according to the battery endurance test result from, Galaxy S5 beats Apple?s iPhone 5S in terms of 3D graphics and talk time. Additionally, Samsung?s new flagship smartphone lasted longer compared to LG G2, Xperia Z1 and Google Nexus 5 on overall phone usage.

  1. Internet Browsing: Galaxy S5 scored 628 points next to the 643 points of iPhone 5S followed by LG G2 and Google Nexus 5.
  2. 3D Rendering: For 3D gaming experience, Galaxy S5 lasts longer compared to iPhone 5S, and Nexus for sustaining advanced graphics rendering. LG G2 and Xperia Z1 lasts above average when processing 3D games.
  3. Talk Time: Surprisingly, Galaxy S5 scores 1500 points and wins the endurance test for talk time. iPhone 5S scores less than half of that while Xperia Z1 scores a little above 500 points.

Ultra Power Saving Mode

It seems like Samsung did a good job on improving the power saving tool built-in inside the Galaxy S5. Some users experienced poor battery performance on the S4 and even endured overheating crisis on the octa-core variant.

Upcoming owners of Galaxy S5 can be quite confident with its battery life as the Ultra Power Saving mode feature keeps the smartphone to last up to 24 hours under ten per cent battery level by simply turning off other features.

Xperia Z1 STAMINA Mode

STAMINA mode on Xperia Z1 did not exactly help out to sustain battery life during hard-core 3D gaming or Internet browsing since it only activates whenever the phone is idle. Moreover, the power saving tool pauses whenever the user wakes up the screen and won?t kick in until the phone goes to rest ? which won?t help control the power consumption of the TFT display.

LG G2 Battery

LG G2?s battery endurance scores show decent performance for Internet browsing, 3D gaming or talk time. It scores average on all tests, unlike with the ?iPhone 5S and Xperia Z1, even though it is not the flagship smartphone released by LG.

Battery life is not always decided on how big the battery or how small the smartphone may be. Samsung significantly took advantage of the optimisation methods on Android 4.4 KitKat and we can expect similar long-lasting battery life with Galaxy Note 4.


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