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Samsung Galaxy S5 10 Best and Brilliant Features For New Users

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Samsung included brilliant features on Galaxy S5 which are useful in certain situations. Here are the 10 secret features Galaxy S5 hides inside for all users.

Download Booster

Download Booster

For serious downloaders, Galaxy S5 features Download Booster which simultaneously uses Wi-Fi and LTE connectivity. Download Booster works best whenever a file with more than 30 MB in size is being downloaded.

New Surfing Experience

In addition to Download Booster, Samsung also installed two Wi-Fi antennas to make Multiple Input Multiple Output enabled using Wi-Fi connection. Downloading and uploading speed increases two-folds whenever you are connected to any Wi-Fi connection with Internet support.

Rapid Auto-Focus

Rapid AF

Galaxy S5 features the fastest auto-focus found in a mobile device. Phase-Detect auto-focus on Galaxy S5 enables the camera lens to focus in just 0.3 seconds without ruining the details and colour accuracy of that moment.

4K Video Recording

If you own a large TV screen or projector, you can now view recorded videos by Galaxy S5 on high resolution. 4K video recording allows you watch moments at the highest possible clarity without worrying about pixilation.

Heart Rate Sensor

Heart Rate Sensor

S Health app on Galaxy S5 features heart rate monitoring by accessing the built-in sensor at the back of the smartphone. You can simply place your finger and follow the instruction on the screen to have your heart rate checked.

Kids Mode

Galaxy S5?s dedicated Kids Mode is not only designed to secure the device from non-kids contents or hide your personal configuration but also features a new interface. Kids Mode features new UI with interactive controls and enables kids to play with the camera to capture images, edit them and place effects.

Baby Monitoring

Galaxy S5 comes with a hidden Baby Monitoring feature that can alert you whenever it hears a crying baby nearby. It is found in the Accessibility options and requires Galaxy Gear accessory to work. Although it is not a replacement of any baby monitoring devices, Samsung intends the function as an aid to parents or younger children watching babies.

Emergency Mode

Samsung added an Emergency Mode on Galaxy S5 which functions in two ways. First, it will increase the standby mode for longer battery and second is to send out alarm sounds, location information via messages and turns on the flash. It is accessible by pressing and holding the power key.

Extending Battery Life

Ultra Power Saving

Galaxy S4 may suck at the battery life even with the power saving on but not with Galaxy S5. Samsung installed a new Ultra Power Saving mode application which blocks background data, restrict performance, turns the display colour into greyscale and disable any non-cellular wireless connection to ultimately boost the battery life.

IP 67 Certification

IP 67

Don?t forget that Galaxy S5 is dust and water resistant due to IP 67 certification. It is completely protected against dust so you won?t have to worry about particles clogging beneath the screen and resistant against water for up 30 minutes submerged under one metre of depth.

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