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Samsung Galaxy S3 Top 6 Additional Tips and Tricks for Battery Longevity, Lock Screen and Memory Optimisation

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Even after two years, Galaxy S3 still holds several secrets for users worldwide. Here are tips to improve security, better use gestures, enhance customization and more.

Source: Samsung

Source: Samsung

Improving the Lock Screen

You can customise the lock screen to include shortcuts of apps or set automatic wake up using S Voice.

  1. Go to Settings > My device > Lock screen > Swipe > Lock screen widgets. Lock screen shortcuts include camera, clock, weather and more.
  2. Set up the wake up command and other functions via S Voice by going to the lock screen options and activating ?Set wake-up command? option.

Customising Display

There are several tweaks you can do with the Galaxy S3?s display screen such as Smart Stay and Touch key light duration.

  1. Go to Settings > Display > Smart Stay. It will allow the device to check if you are looking at the screen before timing out.
  2. Enable right screen orientation by going to Settings > My device > Input and control > Smart screen > Smart rotation.
  3. Change the behaviour of the touch key light. Press the menu > Settings > Display > Touch key light duration.

Enabling Gestures

Galaxy S3 features several motion and gesture controls such as pinch to zoom, flick to scroll, and tap and hold to drag. Simply go to Settings > Motion or visit the My Device tab to get the entire list.

Enhancing Audio

In order to personalise your ringtones, you need to copy audio files to appropriate folders inside your smartphone.

  1. Personalised Sound: Go to Apps > My Files > Long press on the file > Copy or Move > go back > SD card > Media > Audio > Ringtone. For the notification, select the notifications folder instead.
  2. Using the Equaliser: Go to Call Settings > My call sound > Personalize call sound > Personalized EQ. It is present on selected Galaxy S3 models.

Battery Longevity

Samsung installed a built-in power saving manager on Galaxy S3 to help prolong its battery throughout the day. It allows you to manage the following functions for improved battery life:

  1. Limits CPU performance
  2. Reduces frame rate
  3. Reduces brightness
  4. Change background colour
  5. Switches off haptic feedback

Disabling Apps

Disabling certain apps help improve battery life and even speeds up the device by freeing space on the memory. Go to Settings > More > Application Manager > All tab > Select an app > Disable.

Your apps will require you to uninstall updates before disabling them. Choose apps you are not using such as Google+ or Google Music to reduce consumption of the memory. You can always enable them back by going to the ?All tab? section in the application manager then scroll down to the bottom.

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