SAMSUNG Galaxy S2: 10 Hidden Tips and Tricks

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If you don?t know about these Samsung Galaxy S2 tips and tricks, you aren?t maximizing your smartphone. Whether you?ve just inherited the S2 from someone or you?ve decided to keep it as a second phone, make sure that you know these nifty little hidden features that can surely brighten your day:

  • Brighten the screen with a swipe. Simply turn off auto-brightness then press the notifications area and swipe left or right to toggle screen brightness.
  • Check the LCD for dead pixels and damage. Go to your dialer and key in *#0# and you?ll bring up a menu for different tests for your LCD screen.
  • View browser versions of websites on your mobile browser. Type ?about:useragent? into the address bar of your browser and your phone brings up a menu of the devices the Samsung Galaxy S2 can emulate. Choose desktop and you?ll get the PC version of the website you want to see.
  • Swipe left to call and right to message. This is a trick for all Samsung Android phones including the Samsung Galaxy S2; go to the contacts screen, swipe the contact left to call immediately and right to open the message app with the contact pre-loaded into the recipient bar.
  • Disable ads for your games and online-not-required apps. Go to airplane mode just before launching the game and you won?t get any ads.

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  • Dial your spouse, boss, friends and family right on the home screen. Create a widget for your favourite contact right on the home screen. Press and hold the homescreen and choose shortcuts. Choose a contact and create the widget.
  • Take a screenshot. Press the Home and Power button together for 2 seconds and wait for the sound and blink on the screen.
  • Group your apps into folders. This takes a little more than the usual drag and drop over each other that later Samsung phones allow, but it is possible. From the home screen, go to Application. Tap the menu key. Tap edit, press and hold the folder icon with the small plus sign and drag to the page where you want the new folder to be. Name the folder and select Yes. Once the folder has been created, go back to your home screen and drag the applications you want to the folder.
  • Use voice commands. There are a some basic voice commands on the Samsung Galaxy S2 such as ?Message?, ?Call?, ?Navigate? and ?What?s the time in Tokyo? or some other location. Simply double tap the Home button and speak your command.
  • Android with Gingerbread picture. If you want to see a hidden Easter egg on your Samsung phone, go to Settings>About this Phone. Tap the Android version option 5 times and you’ll see Android with Gingerbread on the side.

So what are you waiting for? Get to it! You?re only a few taps away from maximizing your Samsung Galaxy S2.

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