Samsung Galaxy Round 2 Rumor: Is ‘SM-G930’ Samsung’s New Curved High-End Model?

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Recent reports suggest that a rumored Samsung model SM-G930 is the new Galaxy Round 2. (Pictured Galaxy Round; Image courtesy of Samsung)

After almost two years, Samsung may finally be planning to release a successor to its curvy Galaxy Round smartphone. A new leak has just surfaced hours ago suggesting that the South Korean tech giant has a new device with model number SM-G930 and some people believe that this is the unannounced Galaxy Round 2.

The leak

Mobile-focused website PhoneArena reported on Thursday that Samsung may be planning on launching a device with model number SM-G930. It cited a tweet posted by popular Twitter leakster @upleaks. Other than the model number and the description that this handset will be another high-end offering from the device maker, @upleaks has given no other details.

@upleaks tweets about about a device wiith model SM-6930, rumored to be the Samsung Galaxy Round 2 (Image via @upleaks Twitter account)

@upleaks tweets about about a device wiith model SM-6930, rumored to be the Samsung Galaxy Round 2 (Image via @upleaks Twitter account)

Is this the Galaxy Round 2?

The idea that this model will likely be the next iteration of the Galaxy Round is also ignited by PhoneArena. The site based this from a little display of deduction skills. They pointed out that the Galaxy S5 bears the model number SM-G900. Add 10 to that number and we?ll have the original Galaxy Round with the code SM-G910. We also know from previous rumors that the Galaxy S6 will possibly come tagged with model number SM-G920 and the Galaxy S6 Edge with SM-G925. As such, the site assumes that SM-G6930 is indeed the successor of 2013?s Galaxy Round.

When will it come out?

At present, this all seems speculative as nothing has been confirmed or announced by Samsung. However, given that the LG G Flex 2 is out in the open, releasing a similarly curved handset to compete appears to be a sensible move.

If this is truly the Galaxy Round 2, then we will probably see it being unveiled to the public on the latter half of this year since the original model was announced in October 2013. But who knows? Samsung may try to pull a new stunt and release a trio of high-end devices including this along with the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge during the upcoming Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona. Whatever it is, we just have to wait until March 1 and see what Sammy has in store for us.


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