Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Specs: New Samsung Could Feature Foldable Display Similar To ‘Westworld’ Tech

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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Specs

A lot of people has been disappointed with Samsung?s Galaxy Note 7 in a lot of ways. Since the spread of battery issues on the Internet, people lost their trust on the capabilities of the mobile company. However, Samsung might just win the hearts of the people once more as soon as they hear more about the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 specs.

On the other hand, there?s no doubt that Samsung is going to have a hard time earning back people?s trust. As a matter of fact, their Galaxy brand has already been branded as dangerous by a lot of people. In addition, people who aren?t even using the said mobile phone are instantly associating the device to danger.

In that case, Samsung must perfect their Samsung Galaxy Note 8 device. The said device will serve as one of Samsung?s chances to get back on track.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 News & Rumors

The South Korean multinational conglomerate company appears to be determined to rise once again as they hinted a sneak peek of their upcoming device. Speculations suggest that a foldable display technology is included in the Samsung Galaxy 8 specs. Hence, it would enable the user to bend the screen.

As a matter of fact, rumors suggest that Samsung has already filed a patent to bring this feature into reality. Recent reports stated that the feature is going to be semi-automatic. Hence, it would provide a secondary display that should activate immediately as soon as the phone has been folded.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Specs

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As a result, a lot of people are excited to get their hands on the said device. However, some people are still worried about its technical quality. According to reports, Samsung must place every single component in its proper position to perfect the device.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Specs

On the other hand, publications indicated that the Galaxy Note 8 would be exceeding expectations. It is believed that it would bring our current mobile technology into a whole new level. Obviously, it would feature bigger storage capacity, better camera, and others than the previous versions.

Aside from that, people are also expecting some big changes when it comes to internal components such as the RAM and CPU. Furthermore, keep in mind that Samsung has yet to confirm any of the said specifications. Fans should take this information with a grain of salt until Samsung?s official announcement regarding the device.

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