Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Release News: 3 Reasons Why It Will Be At CES 2017

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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 CES 2017
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Launch Date 2017

Doubts about the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 being cancelled turned out to be false. This is after the South Korean tech giant confirmed the device was in the works. Previous rumors had it that Samsung might axe down the Note series following the Note 7 debacle.

Latest reports say that Galaxy Note 8 is already in development and could see a launch soon enough in 2017. Samsung revealed the plans for Galaxy Note 8 while announcing the upgrade program for Galaxy Note 7. In efforts to placate Note 7 exchange customers, the company offered discounts for Galaxy S8 and Note 8 device that?ll launch in 2017.

Analysts even believe that the Note 8 device would launch soon enough at the start of 2017 itself. A reliable source, Patrick Moorhead, the president and chief analyst of Moor Insights & Strategy suggested a January launch at next year?s Consumer Electronics show (CES 2017).

Moorhead said, ?I think come January or March ? January at CES or March at Mobile World Congress ? they?ll come out with a Note 8.?

The CES 2017 will be held January 5?8, 2017 in Las Vegas. Although the Note brand traditionally releases following Galaxy S series upcoming year might turn out different. Here are three reasons that Note 8 would indeed show at the CES 2017:

Galaxy Note 7 Debacle

Although it seems quite implausible that Samsung would launch the Galaxy Note 8 due to the Note 7 disaster a few months back, it could precisely be the main reason for an early launch. The flagship Note 7 device was quite popular among enthusiasts upon its launch. It was only the explosion issue that shook the fans. Otherwise, the phablet was rather successful.


Samsung would like to re-launch its phablet soon so as capture the market share of consumers interested in the bigger screen and productivity of the Note 7. A Galaxy Note 8 soon enough at CES 2017 makes perfect sense.

Samsung Public Relations

The Note 7 debacle also turned out to be a PR nightmare for the company. The company probably lost the trust of many of its customers following the massive recall. Besides the inconvenience to the people, Samsung is also set to lose potential customers for its other devices.

Providing a rather fast solution could work out for the company?s broken image with its fan base. A CES 2017 launch would be a reliable way to satisfy its potentially disgruntled customers.

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iPhone 7 Plus Competition

Samsung?s biggest competitor in the market remains to be the iPhone 7 Plus. With the Note 7 gone, the void in phablet market runs real deep, and Samsung is losing customers by a large numbers. If the company further delays the release of the Note device, it will lose more money. Galaxy Note 8 launch at CES 2017 is expected to buffer against Apple?s growth in the phablet market share.

Of course, none of this has been officially confirmed. The tech giant is keeping the Galaxy Note 8 quite a secret. In the meantime, stay tuned to TheBitBag for regular updates.

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