Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Release to Push through in 2H 2017 – Reports

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Samsung Galaxy Note 8

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is perhaps one of the most controversial piece of electronic devices ever made. Aside from it being quite in-demand during the first few months of its release, it also became notoriously dangerous to own. A series of reported incidents has caused the Galaxy Note 7 to be discontinued quite early in its life. However, the good new is, once everything is done and dusted, Samsung is now ready to move on. In fact, instead of axing the Galaxy Note line, it has decided to push for the Galaxy Note 8 release.

Business Korea claims that Samsung is indeed pushing through with the release of the Galaxy Note 8. According to the said report, the product launch will happen around the same time Samsung normally releases a Note line device. The release date would fall within the second half of 2017; some time between August and September.

Just like the original Galaxy Note phone, the Note 8 will feature the same dual-edge curved display. It is rumored that the phone will sport a 4K resolution to go along with its curved display. On top of that, it might also follow the same design style as the upcoming Galaxy S8.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Galaxy Note 7 (via

Another interesting rumored feature of the Galaxy Note 8 is the return of the retina scanner. This feature enables users to unlock the phones by means of the users’ iris or retina. Furthermore, this functionality adds another layer of security on the phone.

Other features include an expandable storage which has always been a strong suit for Samsung. Ingress protection rating of 68 for water- and dust-proofing, as well as USB Type-C interface.

Samsung’s very own personal assistant, Bixby, is also rumored to come with the Galaxy Note 8. Bixby was developed by the same company that made Apple digital assistant, Siri. The digital assistant will make its debut with the release of the Samsung Galaxy S8 some time in April.

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