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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Price Butts Head With iPhone 8? Phablet Shipping Earlier Than Apple’s Device

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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Price
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Recent rumors are pointing out that the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is like the S8 Plus but better. It should be outright stunning like this year’s S series but with more powerful and impressive specs. That’s a good sign if you’re looking at it quality-wise. Of course, higher-end features mean heftier price. If early estimates pan out, it might cost an arm and leg to get your hands on this new device. So, how much is the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 price?

Last year’s Galaxy Note 7 launched at a price of £749 in the UK and $850 in the US which is a bit more expensive than what you’d normally pay for a high-end smartphone but it wouldn’t be surprising if the successor would end up at a much higher cost. Trusted Reviews predict it could even go as high as £799/$1020. This means the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 price could be as expensive as the iPhone 8.

Speculations are rife that Apple’s upcoming device would cost $1000. The hefty price can be attributed to the high-end specs and tech that will be incorporated into the device. But just like the iPhone, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 would also carry bonus features that the core Galaxy S line missed out on. Now, what would you get with your £799?

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Features

According to the hottest leaks, Samsung’s flagship phablet would likely boast a 6.4-inch screen with Infinity Display. Word is that it will be one of the first smartphones with a pixel-dense 4K screen which is a big plus when your phone doubles as a Samsung Gear VR headset screen. Its overall look may not look too different from Galaxy S8 Plus’ glass and metal build at 6.2 inches.

Previous rumors claimed it may finally reposition its fingerprint scanner to the front, embedded on the screen. The Korean tech giant reportedly planned to do this on Samsung Galaxy S8 but had no enough time to do so, thus this has become a possibility for the next handset. However, an anonymous Samsung Electronics official reportedly said it won’t materialize in Note 8 “due to various technical limitations such as security.”

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 price

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 renderings by Benjamin Geskin via

Camera-wise, analyst Ming Chi-Kuo says the device is said to feature a dual-lens camera with a 12MP wide-angle lens and a 13MP telephoto one, and you’ll be able to combine them for a 3x optical zoom. Both snappers will also feature optical image stabilization, with the front one to have a 5MP to 8MP front-facing upgrade along with selfie auto-focus.

Other features include a 3,500mAh, Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 and Exynos 8895, 6GB of RAM, 128GB of memory and Android 7.1.1 if rumors are to be believed. If you’re wondering why the handset is not shipping with the upcoming Android O, it’s because it might launch earlier than the new OS version.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Release

Samsung is reportedly dropping Note 8 in August ahead of the iPhone 8’s projected September unveiling. Patrons are so hyped up about Apple’s flagship boasting premium new features that the mere idea of the device is already rumored to be affecting sales. The Galaxy maker wouldn’t want its newest flagship to be snubbed, especially after Note 7’s explosion fiasco last year. Plus, the predecessor was also announced on August 2 before shipping on August 19.

So should you wait for it? If you want the best in smartphonery, we think you should. But if you want something that won’t break the bank, you might want to look elsewhere. Don’t forget there are a lot of cheaper ones that could get things done in the market.

Any thoughts about the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 price? What would you like to see from the phablet? Sound off in the comments below!

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