Samsung Galaxy Note 8 News, Features & Release Date: LG Partnership Ensures Improved Batteries

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Samsung Galaxy Note 8

So maybe Samsung didn?t get the most amazing reviews for?the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. ?It might have led to some explosive comments here and there and none of them ended on a positive note. But?now it?seems to be getting back into?the game with its Samsung?Galaxy Note 8.

But despite its major drawbacks and some poorly-executed puns, Samsung didn?t seem to be unnerved (We wouldn?t actually know though?). As a matter of fact, this pushed the company to produce something which, if the rumours ring true, would put Apple to shame.

Of course, Samsung has a lot to make up for; starting from the trigger-happy battery packs to the banning of their precedent model from air travel. It doesn?t come off as a surprise that what they have in store would be colossal.

But To What Extent?

There is one report that keeps on milling around, and that?s the alleged partnership between Samsung and LG Chem (LG?s battery subsidiary) ? specifically on how to improve phablet batteries.

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Originally, Samsung used SDI and ATL batteries for the Galaxy Note 7, but because of the problems regarding its spontaneous combustion, the company is forced to resort to a different scheme.

Additionally, the two companies are also in talks in providing LCD displays for future Samsung products, a feature which is commonly affiliated with LG display.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

As per GameNGuide, all these are still up in the air, although according to SlashGear, the deal is about 90 percent to completion. It?s that, or going back to Amperex Technology.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Features

The newest model is said to have the Qualcomm?s top-end processor, which is the Snapdragon 820. This features a processor that?runs on a 10nm process while being less power-consuming than the Galaxy Note 7.

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And since dual cameras are very much a coveted element in 2016 phones ? iPhone 7 Plus, Huawei P9, and LG G5, specifically ? there?s a big chance that Samsung would also include this feature in the latest model, since the Note 7 lacked this particular dual-cam arrangement.

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is expected to be released in May 2017, and those who patronise Samsung products should stay tuned for further news.

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