Analyst Claims Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Will Feature Dual Camera With 3X Optical Zoom

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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 to have 3X optical zoom

Before the Samsung Galaxy S8 was released, there have been numerous reports that it will feature a dual camera setup. However, due to cost constraints, Samsung pulled the plan at the last minute. However, from Samsung’s point of view, the dual camera initiative is still under consideration. Almost immediately after the release of the Galaxy S8, rumors about the Galaxy Note 8 having a dual camera setup started pouring in. Now, a new report from an analyst claims that one of the cameras for the Galaxy Note 8 will have a 3X optical zoom.

According to The Korea Herald, Park Kang-ho, an analyst from Daishin Securities, claims that the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will indeed sport two cameras at the back. Furthermore, one of the cameras will be a 12-megapixel wide angle sensor. Meanwhile, the other set of the pair is a 13-megapixel sensor with a telephoto lens featuring a 3X optical zoom.

Unfortunately, the analyst did not elaborate on the his predictions. Instead, he claimed that Samsung will definitely go with the design to deal with the ever increasing demands for dual camera smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 to have 3X optical zoom

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 renderings (by Benjamin Geskin via

Also in the report from the Korean online publication, the said camera sensors will be supplied by none other than LG Innotek. LG Innotek is the same supplier for the iPhone 8’s 3D camera sensors. In addition to LG Innotek, Samsung Electro-Mechanics is also expected to supply some components for the Galaxy Note 8.

Readers should note that these are nothing but predictions by market analysts. These are, in no way, directly coming from Samsung itself. That said, Samsun is yet to make an official comment about the rumoured specifications for the Galaxy Note 8. However, there is a very slim chance that the company will respond to this kind of claims. For more updates on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, be sure to check us out at TheBitbag.

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