Samsung Still Having Issues with Galaxy Note 8 In-Display Fingerprint Sensor

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Samsung to ditch in-display fingerprint sensor on the Galaxy Note 8

At the moment, it would seem that Apple is already sold on the idea of an in-display fingerprint sensor on the iPhone 8. According to reports, the company is now deciding which technology to use for the said iPhone 8 feature. However, on the other side of the market, Samsung reportedly still having issues with the Galaxy Note 8’s fingerprint scanner.

According to The Investor, although the Galaxy Note 8 is expected to arrive on Aug. 26, Samsung might ditch the in-display fingerprint sensor altogether. According to the report, the company is still having issues with the circuit controlling the sensor array.

The report also mentioned that the sensor that is supposed to detect the fingerprint pattern is having difficulties doing its function. The reason for this, according to the same report, is the fact that the display itself is more opaque than transparent. It would seem that the sensor needs the intervening glass to be clear in order to work properly.

Samsung to ditch in-display fingerprint sensor on the Galaxy Note 8

Earlier leaked Galaxy Note 8 design concept via

This news is certainly a bad one especially for Samsung Galaxy fans. This is especially true when more rumours of the iPhone 8 having an embedded Touch ID sensor are cropping up. It would seem that Apple has managed to successfully integrate the fingerprint scanning features under the display of the iPhone 8.

As mentioned, Samsung is expected to unveil the Galaxy Note 8 on Aug. 26 in New York. Initially, there were reports that Samsung is considering this year’s IFA trade show in Germany for the Galaxy Note 8 launch. However, the said phone will be released on the same city that its predecessor was launched about a year ago.

While Samsung is reportedly busy at work preparing the venue for the launch, leaks are still prevalent on the Galaxy Note 8. So far, we can surmise that the display will indeed be a 6.3-inch OLED panel, which is, by far, the biggest display that Samsung has produced. In fact, it is slightly bigger than the current flagship which is the Galaxy S8+. For more updates on the Galaxy Note 8, be sure to check us out at TheBitbag.

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