Samsung Galaxy Note 8: New Chip, Bigger Screen, and More

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All you need to know about the Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Right now, a lot of Samsung fans are probably patiently waiting for the Galaxy S8, which is due to be released in the next couple of days. However, if there is one thing that Samsung is good at, it is making big, chunky smartphones or phablets. And of course, in this regard, there is only one Samsung phablet that is highly anticipated, the Galaxy Note 8.

Since the failure of the previous Galaxy Note product, Samsung has taken it upon itself to ensure that consumers will have something to look forward to when it comes to the Galaxy Note line. Of course, when the Note7 was released last year, Samsung received around 400,000 pre-orders on the first week alone. Unfortunately, the popularity of the Samsung phablet was marred by a series of battery failures that led to the Note7’s premature discontinuation.

After the incident, Samsung put a huge amount of effort into making sure that the problem never happened again. In fact, the steps it took to consumer safety started with the release of the Galaxy S8.

All you need to know about the Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Galaxy S8 and S8+ (via

Galaxy Note 8’s massive OLED display

Now that the Galaxy S8 is almost upon us, it is now time to look forward to the next phone in line, the Galaxy Note 8. Codenamed “Great,” it is now rumored that it will feature a lot of new technologies including a much bigger Infinity Display; the curved OLED panel that Samsung uses on the Galaxy S8.

As with any phablets in the market, they normally are sized somewhere above six inches with some of them offering as much as seven or eight inches of display. While this may seem counter-productive, the Galaxy Note line has always been able to toe the line between the practical and the massive. However, if anyone would think that the Galaxy S8+’s display is already big, the Galaxy Note 8’s display will come as a bit of a surprise.

According to latest reports, the Galaxy Note 8’s massive display will be able to support 4K resolution with its 6.32-inch size. However, just like the Galaxy S8, the construction will be similar in that it will also have curved corners and edges.

Galaxy Note 8 will have a bigger screen and possibly embedded fingerprint scanner

Leaked Samsung Galaxy Note 8 design (via

Hardware specs

In terms of hardware, Samsung is said to be thinking of going all out with the Galaxy Note 8. For storage, the latest report from Android Authority suggests that it could have a standard size of 128GB. Of course, for the premium model, Samsung can push the storage size to the next level by using 256GB instead of 128GB.

On the other hand, sticking with the Galaxy Note 8’s design principles, the phone maker can up the RAM to 6GB. While the need for this is still debatable, Samsung will definitely use this as a marketing drive for the phone.

New Exynos chip

Many would know by now that Samsung mobile devices either use the Snapdragon SoCs from Qualcomm or its in-house Exynos chips. North American versions of Samsung devices uses Qualcomm’s Snapdragon line of processors while the South Korean and international version use the Exynos chips. While many may say that the Galaxy Note 8 could use the Snapdragon 835 or the Exynos 8895, there is a chance that this might not happen at all.

The main reason for this is the fact that Samsung just announced the success of the completion of the qualifications for the second-generation 10nm FinFET process. The new 10nm LPP or Low Power Plus, boasts ten percent increase in performance and roughly 15 percent lower power consumption.

Samsung Exynos 8895 and Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 (via

Unfortunately, the mass production timing seems out of sync. According to the Samsung Newsroom, mass production of the new chip will start in the fourth quarter of the year. However, this could also mean that Samsung may prioritize its products and release the Galaxy Note 8 first before the products from other phone manufacturers, like it did on the Galaxy S8.

If this scenario pans out, it would mean that the Galaxy Note 8 will not have a Snapdragon 835 nor an Exynos 8895. Perhaps it will run on a Snapdragon 840 or Exynos 8896 to reflect the performance gains on the new chip.

Embedded fingerprint sensor and dual rear camera

Samsung envisioned itself to be the first to release a display-embedded fingerprint sensor on the Galaxy S8. However, due to some technological barriers, the development did not come quickly enough in time for the launch. Now, there are rumors that Samsung will use the new fingerprint technology on the Galaxy Note 8.

On the Galaxy S8, Samsung somehow managed to embed an array of pressure sensors beneath the screen to where the normal hardware button would be. These sensor are linked to the software home buttons and also feature haptic feedback. On the Galaxy Note 8 however, a fingerprint sensor will be added to these pressure sensors. That means, the fingerprint scanner at the back of the phone will disappear.

All you need to know about the Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Galaxy S8 showing rear fingerprint sensor (via

Also rumoured with the Galaxy Note 8 is the dual rear camera sensors. Even before the Galaxy S8 was released, many speculations about its camera have surfaced the Internet. Top of which is the possibility of a dual rear camera. Unfortunately, Samsung went ahead and used an older camera similar to the Galaxy Note 7. This time around, there have been many leaks of the supposed Galaxy Note 8 prototypes sporting two cameras at the back.

Galaxy Note 8 release date

Of course, as with all technological breakthroughs, timing is essential. Also, many would know by now that Samsung’s only rival really is Apple. The two have been neck and neck when it comes to releasing new phones. However, Samsung must be extra careful with the Galaxy Note 8’s release.

For one, it does not want the same fiasco as the Galaxy Note 7 to ever happen again. On the other hand, if it releases the Galaxy Note 8 too late, it might miss out on a lot due to the upcoming iPhone 8 from Apple.

On that note, the Galaxy Note line of phones normally releases in September. With the exception of the Note 5 and 7 which were released in August. Nevertheless, the original plans were to release the Note 7 in September last year just like the other ones. But since Samsung got wind of the news that the iPhone 7 will not have a headphone jack, it went on and released it a month earlier.

All you need to know about the Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Alleged Samsung Galaxy Note 8 showing dual rear camera (via

As for the Galaxy Note 8, Samsung could still use the normal September release window on the phone. Especially now that there are rumors that Apple might take a few more weeks to release the iPhone 8 due to some assembly issues.

All in all, the Galaxy Note 8 is bound to be a great phone, just like its predecessor. It offers premium features that are normally taken for granted by Apple on its iPhone products. For more updates on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, be sure to check us out at TheBitbag.

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