Samsung Galaxy Note 8 to Include Disappointing Battery Specs

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Samsung Galaxy will feature disappointing battery specs

Ever since the advent of smartphones, users have fought valiantly to keep their mobile phone usage for as long as possible. Unfortunately, with the added power and limited store energy, most smartphone users nowadays will be more than happy if they can use their devices for more than 24 hours.

Of course, this scenario does not include those Chinese-made smartphones that favor battery size to cost, and performance. On the other hand, majority of high-end smartphones in the market have still have medium-range battery specs, case in point is the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

According to Korean site OSEN, the Galaxy Note 8 is expected to have a 3,300 mAh lithium-ion battery. The reason for such a smaller battery size is due to the previous mishaps that the company had with the Galaxy Note 7, the report also said.

Unfortunately, for such a big phone, this battery specs is quite disappointing. Most users will find that a battery of this size will let them use their devices for less than a day before needing a top up. However, the report also said that Samsung has thought of this scenario and has provided a few improvements on the Galaxy Note 8.

Samsung Galaxy will feature disappointing battery specs

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As it turns out, the Galaxy Note 8 will include wireless charging feature as a standard. Although it is not quite sure whether Samsung will include the wireless charging device in the package. Furthermore, the run-of-the-mill USB port will also have a quick charge feature to help alleviate the waiting time in between charges.

For now, it seems like Samsung has decided to be on the safe side of things rather than risk another Galaxy Note 7 episode. Although the company has introduced added safety inspections on its batteries, it still not confident enough to push for a bigger battery size especially when it lost billions of dollars in revenue due to the last massive recall.

If the report from OSEN proves to be true, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will just be one expensive device when it gets released. Whether or not the price and the small battery will be enough to dissuade consumers from buying it, perhaps we will soon find out.
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