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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Update: Standout Or Same Old? New Device Gets Mixed Impressions Ahead Release

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Samsung Galaxy Note 7
Samsung Galaxy Note 7 price, specs, release date.

There are numerous updates about the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, with leaks about the highly-anticipated device drawing mixed impressions ahead of its release.

Different reports on the specs and release date of the Galaxy Note 7 have been circulating for weeks. There are rumors that it would be launched this July, while other reports claim that it will be unveiled during a ?Samsung Unpacked Event? this August.

While waiting for its official release, a recent leak from Twitter tipster Evan Blass revealed images of three phones are could be the Galaxy Note 7. The features shown in the leaked images matched rumors that have been going around about the said Samsung device: a curved front-screen, an iris scanner, and an S Pen stylus peeking out of the bottom right.

One of the devices in the photos comes in Galaxy Note 7?s rumored color: blue. The leak specified the shade as Blue Coral, while the other two colors are named Black Onyx and Silver Titanium.

The unverified report has gotten several followers excited ? but it only focused on the phone?s aesthetic features.

Contrary to Evan Blass? posts, other recent leaks have sparked rumors that the Galaxy Note 7 might not even stand out from other phablets in the market today.

Galaxy Note 7

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

According to the review of known Russian tipster named Eldar Murtazin, the fact that Samsung?s new device reportedly does not have a removal battery is among the top reasons why it might end up disappointing its buyers. The Galaxy Note 7 will supposedly have a fixed internal battery that cannot be replaced. Based on leaked documentations, its rumored capacity of 3600 mAh will deliver just over 20 hours of video on the gadget.

The tipster also specified the volume of pixels and energy that is needed to drive the expected 5.8 inch QHD screen. According to him, the capacity will not make it stand out as a ?monster? battery that are already available in other devices.

Furthermore, the Galaxy Note 7 has been compared to the Galaxy S7 Edge. The latter garnered positive reviews when it was launched in March earlier this year, leading some to wonder if the Galaxy Note 7 can actually measure up to the very recent success of its fellow Samsung product.

The Galaxy Note 7 has also been inevitably pitted against the soon-to-be released iPhone 7 in terms of its rumored specs, features, and price.

Will Samsung?s Galaxy Note 7 live up to people?s expectations? Keep following The Bitbag for updates on its features and official release.

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