Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Treated As Bomb In Flight; Caused Ruckus Among Passengers

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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Airline Ban
Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Wifi Hoax

Airlines are not taking the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 ban lightly. Chaos and ruckus ruled a Virgin America airline after a Wi-Fi hotspot bearing the name was discovered on the Virgin America flight from San Francisco to Boston. After all, the Note 7 was banned from planes by the US Department of Transportation following several explosion cases.

Galaxy Note 7 Bomb Scare

Software engineer Lucas Wojciechowski was on flight 358 from San Francisco to Boston when he spotted a strange Wi-Fi name: Samsung Galaxy Note7_1097. He tweeted a screenshot of the SSID to prove it.

After the crew was alerted, there was an appeal for anyone with the Galaxy Note 7 to come forward. This was an hour into the flight. He then tweeted that 15 minutes later the crew announced, ?This isn’t a joke. We’re going to turn on the lights (it?s 11pm) and search everyone’s bag until we find it.?

Burned Galaxy Note 7

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When nobody came forward despite the warning, the captain of the aircraft became involved and made his own threat. He warned the passengers that the flight will have to make an emergency landing if nobody confessed to having the device.

Shortly after the announcement the passenger came forward, but it turns out there was no Samsung Galaxy Note 7. The passenger apparently had changed the name of their SSID wireless device to that of Note 7. Wojciechowski told the BBC that he believed no further action taken against the prankster by the airline.

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Flights Delayed

Although there was no Note 7 onboard the plane, other flights were affected by the incident.?Journalist Serenity Caldwell tweeted that she was on the ground in Boston and her Virgin America flight was canceled. However, Virgin Media have said no flight was delayed by the incident and confirmed there was no Galaxy Note 7 on-board.

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Wi-fi hotspot prank or not?

There is a question of whether the alleged Note 7 hotspot was a prank or not. One person pointed out to Wojciechowski that the prankster may not have been trying to play a prank after all. He cited his own case where after migrating from a Galaxy Note 7 to a Galaxy S7, his Wi-Fi hotspot name remained the same.

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