Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Release Rumors: Top 3 Killer Features of S-Pen Stylus Revealed

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Galaxy Note 7 (Representational Image)
Galaxy Note 7 (Representational Image)

While we keep hearing about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 7?s leaked specifications and features, the S Pen stylus that comes with the device bundle did not get much attention. However, now, a new report from Italy points to the three new features of the advanced S Pen.

Top Features of Galaxy Note 7?s S Pen

According to the portal Android Galaxys, the Galaxy Note 7?s S Pen will come with a brand new feature called ?Translate.? As the name implies, this option will let the device user translate words from any language by hovering the S Pen over the foreign word. Needless to say, this device will be of great use when in foreign land.

The next reported feature of the S Pen is ?Magnify.? Well, there is no prize for guessing here as this feature can be used to zoom the screen by hovering the S Pen over any area of the display.

The S-Pen?s third feature has reportedly been named ?Glance.? This option will allow the Galaxy Note 7 users to switch between apps just by hovering the stylus over the app icon.

Samsung Galaxy Note

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Specs photo:wikipedia

Key Galaxy Note 7 Features, Specs

Apart from the S Pen, the Note 7 is believed to come with an IP rating for?water and dust resistance, and iris scanner. Under the hood, it will come powered by an advanced?Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 chipset.

Rumor has it that this smartphone will be backed by a good 4GB of RAM. The display size will reportedly be either 5.8 or 5.7-inches, along with a QHD screen resolution of 1,440 x 2,560 pixels. Software-wise,?Android 7 Nougat will run the handset out of the box.

Galaxy Note 7 release date

The wait is not going to be any longer as the Note 7 will be unveiled tomorrow (August 2) at the special Unpacked event scheduled in New York City.


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